The Department of Economics, with its inception in 1966, is one of the foremost departments in the college. It has been catering to students of various disciplines by offering diverse combination of subjects such as: History, Economics, Sociology (H.Eco.S); Psychology, Economics, and Sociology (P.Eco.S); Economics, Sociology, Public Administration [ESPA]; Journalism, Optional English, Economics [JEOE] with the broad objectives as upheld by the college.

Seeking to meet the growing requirements and to enhance employment avenues, the Department has played a key role in evolving two new combinations of study: Journalism, Economics and Optional English (J.E.OE); and Economics, Sociology and Public Administration (E.S.PA).

Apart from imparting deeper knowledge of the subject, and inculcating a holistic perspective and approach, the department has over the period of time striven to impart to the students the importance of the discipline in diverse avenues of application, by organizing several conferences, seminars, workshops, field trips and industrial visits individually and in collaboration with several illustrious Government and Private organizations, and also in collaboration with other departments of the college.

The value added courses organized by the department: Entrepreneurship Development Programme and Capital Market also aim at broadening the horizons of the students’ potential and providing the students with firsthand experience of working of markets and encouraging enterprising involvement in the same. Students are also initiated into research by providing guidance and platform in the form of Students’ Research Journal, Newsletter [Arthashasthra] and the like.

The Department has also been active in encouraging the entrepreneurial acumen of the students by its entrepreneurship group–the E-Cell, with its profit oriented yet socially responsible approach.


• To initiate the students into the acquisition and application of diverse Economic Theories

• To empower the students with critical, analytical and creative use of theory to understand the socio-economic environment and approach the contemporary problems with better solutions

• To provide awareness of economic, entrepreneurial and social conditions which will facilitate understanding of economic issues leading to policy making.

• To equip students with skills and knowledge in the use of the economic theory and practice in the ever evolving job market.

• To develop the potential among students for higher education, research, and career placement.


value added courses

i) Entrepreneurship development programme [EDP]

Faculty Profile

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Dr. Leena Nair

M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D, NET Qualified

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Dr. Radha Ganapathy

M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D. ,NET Qualified

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Dr. Anuja. B


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Ms. Himani Rathore

MA, M.Phil (on going)

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