Organization Structure

Jyoti Nivas College traditionally follows a basic principle of 'top-down' governance.

While continuing to follow the 'top-down' principle of governance, there is also a strongly developed participatory management principle in practice, as indicated in the above diagram. This is in keeping with the goal of harnessing the best of talents and expertise available in both the staff and the student bodies for the optimum functioning of the institution as a whole.

The various departments and offices of the institution have well defined duties and responsibilities which are carried out under the leadership of department heads and the administrator. Efforts are made to ensure that transparency in policies and practices is sustained through the maintenance of work diaries, records, inventors etc.

JNC believes in team work. The smooth delegation of administrative responsibilities to the faculty (who in turn effectively collaborate with the management) along with the staff and student networking enables and ensures the potential to reach excellence fulfilling the motto "Let Your Light Shine".

Jyoti Nivas College Autonomous, BANGALORE

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