Jyoti Nivas College expects its students to adhere to the rules and regulations pertaining to academics and discipline, failing which, strict action will be taken. Students are admitted to the college on the understanding that they undertake to abide by the rules and regulations of the institution, while making the best use of the state-of-the-art infrastructural facilities offered by the college.

  1. Students admitted to the college are expected to maintain a high standard of diligence and good conduct.
  2. Students should be regular and punctual in attending lecture/online classes and practical sessions, student seminars, talks by subject experts, value education classes/Religion classes and all co-curricular and cultural programmes. General discipline is to be maintained during classes, weekly assembly and other college activities.
  • Students should dress in a manner that is appropriate for an academic atmosphere. The formal dress code of the college is salwaar kameez/ formal trousers/ loose jeans with knee length kurthas or long T-shirts/shirts. Students who come to the Campus in an inappropriate attire will be cautioned
  1. Attendance is taken at the beginning of each lecture and practical class. As per Bengaluru City University regulations, a student should have a minimum of 80% attendance in each subject to be eligible to appear for the End Semester Examination.
  2. If a student remains absent continuously for a period of 5 days without informing the Principal, her admission stands cancelled / is liable to have her name struck off the rolls.
  3. Application for leave of absence will be available in the college office. The completed form should be submitted to the Principal/Vice Principals. The letter duly signed by the Principal should then be submitted to the concerned member from the Mentor/Discipline Committee.
  4. In case of emergency, a gate pass can be procured from the Principal or Vice Principals. On producing this to the security guard, the student will be allowed to leave the College during the working hours.
  5. Parents and students can check attendance online on a weekly basis. Each student is given a user name and password to login and check their attendance via the portal,


  • To maintain the academic atmosphere of the college, students are allowed to use mobile phones in the college campus strictly for academic and co-curricular purposes. If a student is found violating this rule, her mobile will be confiscated. During class hours mobile phones should be switched off and kept inside the bag.


  • Students must not involve in ragging. As per the directions of the Supreme Court of India, the University Grants Commission has enforced a regulation to curb the menace of ragging in higher educational institutions u/s 26 (1) of UGC Act, 1956. In this regard, students and their parents/ guardians have to sign an affidavit promising to abide by the rules and also sign another online anti-ragging affidavit which may be accessed in the link:
  • Any violation on the part of the students in the college or in the hostels, will be dealt with strictly.
    Contact Person
    Ms. Roseline Gomes
    Department of Psychology
    +91-9972073420 /
  • Students commuting to college by self-driven vehicles should obtain parking pass from the college office.
  • A student is eligible for re-admission to the next semester only if she has appeared for the End Semester Examination of the previous semester.

 All students of Jyoti Nivas College are expected to abide by the following code of conduct for online classes/learning:

1. Students should not share their login credentials with anyone else or use another
person’s account.
2. Recording, taking photographs or screenshots of a teacher's presentation by any individual must be done with the permission of the teacher.
3. All students have the right to express themselves and participate in an online class. However, they are expected to treat each other with respect and consideration, especially during discussions. Personal attacks directed towards other participants, harassment, intimidation, or discrimination in any form will not be tolerated.
4. Disruption of lectures by any means will not be tolerated.
5. Profile pictures used in any of the online teaching applications should be appropriate for an educational environment.


  • Parents / guardians are advised to monitor the conduct, academic progress and attendance of their wards periodically.
  • Parents / guardians are welcome to interact with the teachers/ mentors during the mentor-parent meeting held every year and collect the attendance cum mark sheets from the respective mentors. Intimation, regarding the meeting, will be sent through the students.
  • Parents/guardians are requested to update their contact details with the Mentors of their wards in case there is a change.
  • The students are required to mandatorily wear the college identity card while entering the campus.
  • Students seeking admission in hostels outside the college, should keep the Principal informed. Any change in hostel address should be immediately brought to the notice of the Principal and Mentor.
  • Campus property should be treated with respect. The campus and classrooms must be kept clean at all times. Littering, defacing the walls, desks or damaging college property will be dealt with seriously.
  • Students must observe a professional relationship between faculty and students on the campus, as well as off campus and online.
  • Students must not engage in threatening behavior that will cause any individual to fear for their personal safety.
  • Students must not use the name, logo, resources or the reputation of the college for private gain or the gain of a third party, or private business or commercial purpose without prior permission.

Note: The code of conduct may be amended or modified any time. Students will be duly informed of the same.