Principal's Message

“There are many capable women and we are one of them.” Proverbs 31:29

An educational institution has the immense responsibility of shaping the future citizens of this world. With over 50 years of experience in imparting knowledge, skills and ethics to young women, Jyoti Nivas College Autonomous has always fulfilled this responsibility. Founded in 1966 as a minority Christian College managed by the sisters of St. Joseph of Tarbes, JNC has remained steadfast in its goal of providing a balanced and comprehensive education in the liberal arts, sciences and commerce and management.

The education of women has been linked to their empowerment. We, as a women’s college, endeavour to empower our students. With female students from varied backgrounds and with different skill sets and talents, JNC focuses on equity, inclusion and nurturing diversity. In recognition of our long history of commitment to excellence, service and relevance, we have collected various honors and received several awards along the way. But more than these awards, it is through the success and love of our students that we gauge our value. The professional and personal growth of our students which we witness in the transformation that they undergo during their time here is truly rewarding.

One of our core values is faith in God. Faith is confidence in what we have and assurance in what we do not see. Through hardwork and intense faith, the foundation of this college was laid. I am grateful to our sisters and staff who have worked tirelessly to build this incredible institution. We now have the responsibility to take it forward. In these times of change, we continue to strive, unafraid to trust the unknown future to a known God. I pray that we continue to learn, to care, to love, to forgive, to understand, to accept and honour the uniqueness of each person and celebrate this precious gift of life with one another.

My dear staff and students, may God always favour us and lead us by His light. May He enkindle the light of hope in us. With deep faith in God, self and humankind, may we be awakened to the humanity within; to be sensitive citizens who can dare to care; to be the voice of the voiceless and to make a significant difference. May He grant us a generous heart to share what we have and live in harmony and peace. Let him give us the strength to build a society of committed women who are empowered to empower. Shalom, shalom!!!

Let us remember that education is a priceless gift. You and me are fortunate to be here in this abode of light and knowledge. So let us be aware of the responsibility towards our nation and society that comes with this privilege.

God bless us as we let our Light Shine!!!

Dr.Sr.Lalitha Thomas

Jyoti Nivas College Autonomous, BANGALORE

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