Principal's Report

Since its inception in the year 1966,Jyoti Nivas has been crossing one milestone after another,scaling ever greater heights.It has taken constant endeavour,ceaseless effort,steely determination,unflagging spirit,unwavering vision,sustained commitment,missionary zeal,team work and great personal sacrifice to put Jyoti Nivas College on the educational map of India.

As a premier college for women,Jyoti Nivas has always tried to shape the young tender minds of today into self-assured women for tomorrow,groom our young girls to become women with integrity,commitment,dignity,courage and conviction;women with strong minds,fearless hearts,lofty ideals and a clear vision to combat divisive and destructive forces which are sapping the roots of our society and weakening the foundations of our civilization;women who can stand for truth, fight injustice,intolerance and inequality and usher in an era of peace,prosperity,truth and justice.

Moral, social, ethical and spiritual considerations are given top priority. Our outreach programs give our students the power of human empathy, inculcating in them humanitarian values and fostering in them a sense of social commitment.In Jyoti Nivas, the major thrust is on social concern and outreach activities, as we are a missionary institution dedicated to the cause of social service, to reach out to the most marginalized, deprived and needy; to build a better society and a brighter future for our young women.

We are a missionary institution with service as our cornerstone.From 1966, when the Institution was founded by the Sisters of the Society of St.Joseph of Tarbes, we have been rendering yeoman service to society, cutting across all barriers.The guiding principle of our selection and admission procedure is to provide the benefits of higher education to all sections of society, to make higher education inclusive, equal and accessible to all.

Jyoti Nivas is the abode of light and anyone who enters its portals partakes of its light.It is binding on all those who are a part of Jyoti Nivas to carry out this light into all corners of our society and nation and light up every underprivileged home and hearth.The campus in Jyoti Nivas tries to recreate that message of living in close communion, even in moments of great difficulties, opposition and challenges.

I pray to the Almighty Father for our students–young women, who all will be leaders, peacemakers and nation builders tomorrow to shed His divine light on them always so that they are aflame with the spirit of enlightment and services to society.I pray to Him to fill them with His divine wisdom so that they may judge wisely,act judiciously and be guided by the spirit of love and compassion.May He always keep them in the palm of His hand and guard them always as they let their light shine.

Dr Sr Elizabeth C S

Jyoti Nivas College Autonomous, BANGALORE

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