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The Bachelor of Arts programme (with relevance to the subjects chosen) enhances among the students, perceptions and sensibilities about the world. It leads to a holistic understanding of applied and theoretical social sciences, critical thinking, understanding of historical events and places, economic activity and sociological concepts. The programme aims to develop a humanistic and sustainable approach to issues and concerns relating to the society and the economy. It provides a multi-disciplinary and inter- disciplinary perspective to the students and enables them to analyse and critique the existing policies and explore innovative solutions.


The Bachelor of Science programme (with relevance to the subjects chosen) aims to hone the analytical and mathematical skills of students, understanding physical phenomenon and laws governing them. It helps to produce students with excellent computer knowledge and experience. It imparts the logical and analytical skills required in the field of Information Technology. It educates and prepares the students with practical knowledge in laboratory sciences, understanding genetic mechanism and applied aspects of life science. The programmes develop logical and reasoning skills among the students through scientific laboratory sessions and research skills.

B.Com /BBA

The Bachelor of Commerce, the Bachelor of Commerce [Logistics and Supply Chain Management], the Bachelor of Commerce [Travel and Tourism Management] and Bachelor of Business Administration programmes aim to impart quality education to the students in the field of Commerce and Management. They develop analytical skills and practical knowledge pertaining to various accounting and taxation systems, both traditional and computer based. The Programmes enhances business and communication skills among the students. It prepares students for the emerging e- commerce business. The Bachelor of Vocational Programme (Banking and Finance) aims to provide a sound foundation in Banking and Finance areas, enhance analytical, communication and entrepreneurial skills.

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