Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
General English and one of the following languages:
Kannada, Hindi, French, Additional English

History, Economics, Sociology (HECOS)
History, Optional English (Literature), Sociology (HENGS)
Psychology, Economics, Sociology (PECOS)
Psychology, Optional English (Literature), Sociology (PENGS)
Journalism, Economics, Optional English(Literature) (JEOE)
Psychology, Journalism, Communicative English(Media Studies) (PJCE)
Economics, Sociology, Public Administation (ESPA)
History, Tourism, Journalism(HTJ)
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) (Vocational)
General English and one of the following languages:
Kannada, Hindi, French, Additional English
Communicative English (Media Studies), Optional English (Literature), Psychology (CEOEP)

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
General English and one of the following languages:
Kannada, Hindi, French, Additional English

Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics (PCM)
Mathematics, Electronics, Computer Science (MEC)
Physics, Mathematics, Electronics (PME)
Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science (PMC)
Chemistry, Botany, Zoology (CBZ)
Biotechnology, Chemistry, Botany (BCB)
Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Genetics (BBG)
Biotechnology, Chemistry, Genetics (BCG)
Biotechnology, Chemistry, Zoology (BCZ)
Psychology, Journalism, Computer Science(PJC)

Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)
General English and one of the following languages:
Kannada, Hindi, French, Additional English

Core Courses
Python (a popular programming language used for data analysis, artificial intelligence and scientific computing, web development etc.)
Programming in C/data structures using C / Object oriented programming with C/Software engineering / Database management system / Visual programming / UNIX / System Analysis and Design / Design and Analysis of Algorithm/Operating System/data Communication and Networking/Core Java/Advanced Java

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.)
General English and one of the following languages:
Kannada, Hindi, French, Additional English

B.Com-Professional (ACCA/CMA/CA/CS)
B.Com with Logistics and Supply Chain Management (B.Com. BL)
B.Com Tourism & Management (B.Com. TM)

Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.)

B.Com Programme (MOUs in Effect)
1. ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) offers business relevant, first choice qualification and rewarding carrier in accountancy, finance and management. JNC has signed MOU with GFTI Pvt. Ltd. UK.
2. CMA (Certified Management Accountant) MoU with Miles education Pvt. Ltd. is highest management accounting credential in the US. JNC, IMA, Wiley and Miles education have partnered to train students and assist with placements support in MNCs across India.
3. SAP
There are two modules offered under SAP. Finance and Material Management module. JNC has signed MOU with Active edu Technologies.
4. Microsoft Office Excel
JNC has signed MOU with Active edu Technologies .
5. Tally - ERP version9
Jnc has signed MOU with NICT computer education.
6. Accounting Foundation course (CA/CS)
Hibride e-learning programme. JNC has signed MOU with Entuze Technologies.
7. Supply Chain Management and Customer Relationship Management
It is a career oriented course sanctioned by UGC.

UGC Vocational Programmes
B.Voc. Courses
1. Visual Communication and Performing Arts with Psychology

The Bachelor of Vocation programme in Visual communication and Performing arts is a UG programme promoting hands-on learning. Much of the curriculum is taught through practical training under the guidance of industry experts.
The course includes Performing Arts (Theatre and Dance) and Psychology. It cultivates a streamlined creative process and training and allows for exit points after each year.

2. Banking and Finance

In view of the present demand as well as the potential for professionally qualified personnel in the Banking and Finance sector, the college has introduced a Bachelor of Vocation course in Banking and Finance under the National Skills Qualification Framework (NSQF) of the University Grants Commission.

The course provides adequate knowledge inputs to the students and exposes them to modern banking and the financial environment's operational processes. A major part of the curriculum is practical oriented where a student learns related technical skills. The course permits exit options at the end of each year.

Compulsory courses
Compulsory courses under taken in the first four semesters promote academic programmes relevant to the socio economic needs of the nation:

Indian Constitution : This course develops "constitutional consciousness" among the citizens. Students are made aware of their fundamental rights and duties, and the functioning of the government at the centre and state level.
Environmental Studies: Environmental studies contributes to sustainable development. Students are sensitized. to the pressing need of environmental conservation.
Skill Development: A course on life skills for Human development is imparted to ensure holistic growth and help students develop their soft skills.
Computer Fundamentals: The course imparts basic computer skills for all non computer science students.

Value Education

Value Development classes are conducted by the faculty members and also external resource persons. These classes are designed to make students sensitive to issues around them, learn extended life skills, imbibe spiritual values and promote self enhancement.
The weekly classes are experiential and interactive, in an informal environment. Discussions are held on topics such as: time-management, goal-setting, significance of cooperation, health and hygiene, respect for public property, civic consciousness. The focus in the final year is on career opportunities and professional growth.
The aim of these classes is to ensure responsible citizens and committed leaders for the future.

Integrated Programmes

Integrated BSc and MSc (Specialization in Clinical Psychology)

The Integrated BSc and MSc (Specialization in Clinical Psychology) programme prepares students to specialize in Clinical Psychology by providing scientific knowledge, research competencies, and practical skills, thereby enabling students to attain professional expertise.
The programme is offered in two phases:
Phase-I consists of 6 Semesters and spans over 3 years, at the end of which a student is awarded a B.Sc. Degree in Psychology. This phase focuses on orienting students to the various psychological processes and subsequently providing a comprehensive understanding of the subject.
In Phase-II, the focus is on research, industry/institution internships, assessment, and skill development in the field of clinical psychology. This course consists of 4 semesters spanning 2 years, at the end of which the student is awarded Integrated BSc and MSc (Specialization in Clinical Psychology) degree.
Duration of the programme :-5 Years (3+2 years)
Eligibility for Admission : - A minimum of 60% in 12th standard or equivalent.

Integrated B.Com and M.Com
There is a growing demand for qualified human resources in the coming years, on account of financial inclusion, expansion of business volume, and large-scale retirement of personnel. The industry will require professionally equipped manpower with knowledge and skills together with technology familiarity, customer orientation and hands-on application skills.
In view of the huge present as well as potential demand for professionally qualified manpower, our college introduced ‘ Integrated B.Com with M.Com’ (05 years programme). All successful candidates would have a competitive edge in the industry at different levels.
Duration of the programme :-5 Years (3+2 years)
Eligibility for Admission : - 12th standard or equivalent from any stream (Arts / Sceince / Commerce).

M.Voc. (Banking & Finance)
The Department of Commerce & Management has introduced the M.Voc. (Banking & Finance) Post Graduate Programme sanctioned by UGC and ratified by Bangalore Central University. This is a specialized skill-based Master’s degree which caters to Banking and Finance job roles.
The programme has courses such as Taxation Management, Mutual Fund Management, Merchant Banking, Banking & Insurance Accounting, to name a few. In addition, during every semester, our students are exposed to working in a bank or financial institution as part of their internship and project work. Practical learning, Training & assessment by industry partners, Internship & placements are some of the competitive edge to students completing this programme.

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