Medical Room

Mabel’s Clinic is an innovative health-tech centre founded by Dr. Girish B Raj (MBBS, MBA-IIMB, ADHM), that provides accessible and quality primary healthcare using a judicious mix of technology and on-ground interventions to improve health outcomes.

Mabel’s Clinic has set up a Well-Equipped Medical Room in the Jyoti Nivas campus for the students and staff, providing various healthcare services of Nursing facility, Regular Physician Visits, Basic medications for primary healthcare as well as emergency and regular health camps.

Also provides both conventional and online consultations by qualified doctors, diagnostic and referral services.

College Healthcare Services are established in the campus to promote the health of students through disease prevention, early case finding, referral for intervention and remediation of specific health problems, as well as health education, counselling and dental care to students and staff.


Jyoti Nivas College Autonomous, BANGALORE

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