Hostel is run by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Tarbes. Admission will be granted on fulfillment of the following conditions:

• Admission to the college
• Payment of hostel fees

An important rule in the hostel and college is consideration for others. The life in the hostel will depend on mutual courtesy and co-operation between the students, the warden, staff and companions in a friendly and open manner. Every student is expected to take part in at least one of the extracurricular activities in college. You are expected to take care of the furniture, crockery, books, and other common property of the hostel.

When a student joins the hostel, she will present to the warden a list of authorized visitors, signed by her parents.

For Hostel Admissions Contact
Sr. Swapna Rani .S, Hostel Warden,
Phone No.: 080 25532367

Jyoti Nivas College Autonomous, BANGALORE

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