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The thrust in Jyoti Nivas has always been on learning through research. Jyoti Nivas fosters a vibrant research culture. Every year, two issues of our journal Academic Studies: National Journal of Jyoti Research (ASNJJRA) are released. This is an interdisciplinary journal devoted to an intellectual search into the domains of Science, Arts, Commerce and Management. The aim of this journal is to bring groups of researchers from these diverse disciplines together on a common platform for synergetic interaction between them. The dissemination of the emerging wealth of knowledge in this research publication gives visibility to ongoing research and creates ambience for scholars to pursue more research projects and explore new vistas. This journal is published by the Research Publication and Development Cell (RPDC) of Jyoti Nivas College.

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Editor in Chief / Chairperson Dr. Sr. Lalitha Thomas
Associate Editor Dr. V Shantha
Associate Editor Ms. J. Josephine Narmadha
Technical Editor Dr. Preeti Mangala


Jyoti Nivas College Autonomous has a vibrant research culture. It resonates with research activity. A considerable number of staff and students of the college are actively involved in research or research-related activities; either presenting papers or attending workshops or doing minor research projects or internships in various organizations. Basic Scientific Research projects (both Major and minor projects) are carried out in all the disciplines of the college and include UGC sponsored projects which involve both students and teachers.

Minor Research Projects

Research Director : Dr. Nirmala Vaz
Department of Chemistry
Contact no:080-255 301 37

Assistant Research Directors:
Dr. Priyadarshini Pillai

Department of Botany
Dr. Raghu
Department of Chemistry
Contact no:080-255 301 37


Different publications are brought out to encourage students to think, to bring out their creative potential and to enhance their hands-on experience with the print and electronic media. Every year each stream brings out its Student Research Journals, namely- 'The Researcher' by the Arts stream, 'Scientia' by the Sciences and 'Samshodhana' by the Commerce department. It is a collection of the best research projects done in the college by the students.




Coordinator Arts: Mr. B. B.Paul Raj, Department of Psychology
Coordinator Science: Dr. Priyadarshini Pillai, Department of Botany
Coordinator Commerce: Ms. Gita kishore, Department of Commerce

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