Zumba Fitness Room

JNC offers short term course in Zumba Dance Fitness for 100 hours over two semesters. Zumba Dance Fitness is a Latin-Inspired fitness program which helps in total body toning and calorie output. This short term course emphasise the physiological benefits of Zumba.

The course is conducted twice a week by an in-house Zumba instructor at the Zumba Dance Fitness studio facility available in the campus. This instills a motivation among students to retain a regular exercise programme and thereby adapting a healthy life style. The students will also learn and physically execute performance skills of Zumba Dance and will be enabled to train other groups. The super energetic and fun filled Zumba sessions not only boost their self confidence but also helps them to take up Zumba dance training as a career.

Jyoti Nivas College Autonomous, BANGALORE

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