Jyoti Nivas College retains a steadfast commitment to a single central ideal the provision of a balanced and holistic education for women. With a primary focus on quality education in the liberal Arts, Science and Commerce, the college also promotes and makes available myriad resources and opportunities to ensure that its students emerge as intellectually enlightened morally upright, spiritually inspired and emotionally balanced and socially committed young women. It strives to nurture and enhance the inmate wealth of talent and potential within each student encouraging everyone to truly live the motto of the college "Let your light shine".

The experienced teaching staff and chair persons of various Board of Studies, Board of Examination and Textbook committees play an integral role in curriculum designing and testing patterns within the prescribed framework of the University curriculum.

Under autonomy several non - traditional methods of teaching are employed by the very well qualified faculty who has freedom to enrich the syllabi with components relevant to women and contemporary requirements.

The college has a unique mentor - ward system which is very effective, where in the mentor, is able to keep track of her wards' overall performance right from the first to the final year and is responsible for issuing the conduct certificates to them. The mentor ascertains the strengths and weaknesses of the wards.

The college organizes the orientation programs regularly to guide the students and improve the overall quality and standard of the institution. Orientation programs for freshers at the commencement of the academic year are reinforced through weekly assemblies, value education classes, mentor - ward meetings, and parent teacher meetings.

Jyoti Nivas College Autonomous, BANGALORE

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