Karnataka State Scholarship

Application for Karnataka State Scholarship is open now. Students belonging to the following categories are informed to apply for Fresh and Renewal Karnataka State Scholarship 2021-22


Student kindly login to the SSP portal website https://ssp.postmatric.karnataka.gov.in/21-22
Minority Students are requested to apply in National Scholarship Portal
( https://scholarships.gov.in/) and also in ( https://ssp.postmatric.karmataka.gov.in)
Students are instructed to upload the marks list and the bonafide certificate in the ssp portal  Please fill the application online correctly before final submission.
Submit copies of the following documents to the college office for verification.

For further clarification contact Mrs.Sathyakala  (Admin block.)

User Manual for 2021

Jyoti Nivas College Autonomous, BANGALORE

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