The Institution Innovation Council (IIC) of the college instituted in the academic year 2019-20, aims at creating an innovation ecosystem in the campus and to support faculty, students and select alumni in their quest to explore the world of entrepreneurship.


  • To provide a forum that envisage intellectual minds towards development on emerging concepts
  • To create a platform that nurtures Innovative thinkers and to foster entrepreneurial culture for an innovative ecosystem in the campus
  • To establish functional ecosystem for scouting ideas and pre-incubation of ideas
  • To Participate on national and global platform to understand the competitive landscape
  • To facilitate business network opportunities for incubating/setting up innovative scalable and sustainable enterprise
  • Vision & Mission


    “To explore innovative ideas, incubating substantial competitive advantage towards global entrepreneurship and sustainable startups”


  • Provide gateways to professional networks, instil Entrepreneurial Culture by mentoring young minds.
  • Set up, guide and authenticate the design and execute into sustainable startups.

    COUNCIL MEMBERS FOR IIC 5.0 (September 2022 - August 2023)
    S. No Role of the Member Name of the Member
    1 President  Dr. Irene Getzi S
    2 Vice President Ms. Prarthana Patre
    3 Convener  Dr. Priyadharshini Pillai
    4 E-Cell Coordinator Dr. Radha Ganapathy
    5 IQAC & NIRF Coordinator Dr. Roopa Philip
    6 I&E Head - Arts Dr. Rupa Peter
    7 I&E Head - Science Dr. Mary Cruz
    8 I&E Head - Commerce Ms. Harathi D
    9 I&E Head - PG Ms. Bella Thomas
    10 Start-up & Internship activity Coordinator Mr. Vincent Paul S
    11 Innovation Activity Coordinator Dr. Preethi Mangala
    12 Social Media Activity Coordinator Dr. Priya Vinod
    13 IPR activity Coordinator & NISP Coordinator Dr. Anand
    14 Social Entrepreneurship/Community Development Projects  Ms. Roseline Florence Gomes
    15 ARIIA Coordinator Dr. Shilpa Abhang
    16 Innovative App Development  Dr. Srinivas Narasegouda
    17 Documentation Ms. Pratima Bhat
    Jyoti Nivas College Autonomous, BANGALORE

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