International Collaboration

International Student Support Services
Studying abroad creates opportunity for an invaluable overseas experience that will be a great addition to:
- boost students resume
- to demonstrate to future employers students' initiatives
- industry understanding & practical experience
- improve global employment prospects
- gain international experience by interaction
- develop professional skills & expertise
- gain credits

JNC has been in collaboration with Deakin University of Melbourne, Australia for the past 4 years. A 3 - Day International Conference was organized by JNC in collaboration with Deakin University in August 2008 to address the global issues- environment & its sustainability, social entrepreneurship & film studies. Both the students & staff of JNC shared a rich experience of knowledge from the experts from India & abroad who participated in the conference.

Furthering the link between Deakin University & JNC, development & implementation of Student Exchange Programs are proposed, planned & executed in the year 2009. An intensive study tour was conducted during July 2009 for a Course in Film, Cinematography and Motion Picture at Deakin University in which 10 students from JNC participated. This facilitates the transference of credits to their marks card.

The Semester Study Programs are proposed for future and a number of JNC students are showing a willingness & enthusiasm to take part.

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