Value added courses

1 Department of Commerce and Management: Tally ERP
2 Department of Commerce and Management: Microsoft Office Specialist in Excel
3 Department of Commerce and Management: SAP
4 Department of Commerce and Management: Human Resource Management
5 Department of Commerce and Management: Accounting foundation course-CA, CS, CMA
6 Department of Commerce and Management : International Programmes-ACCA
6 Department of Commerce and Management : Presentation Skill
9 Department of B.Voc - Psychology: Public Mental Health
10 Department of Biochemistry Nutrition & Dietetics
11 Department of Biotechnology: Zumba Dance Fitness
12 Department of Biotechnology: Clinical Research
13 Department of Biotechnology: Bioinformatics and Genomics
13 Department of Biotechnology: Forensic Science
14 Department of Botany : Mushroom Cultivation, Organic Farming, Bonsai, Terrace and Kitchen Gardening and Horticultural Techniques
15 Department of Communicative English (CMS) : Graphic Design
16 Department of Communicative English (CMS) : Film Appreciation
17 Department of Computer Science : Fundamentals of Computer Programming
18 Department of Economics : Entrepreneurship
19 Department of Electronics : Basic Computer Science and C Programming
20 Department of Genetics and Biochemistry : Medical Laboratory Technology
21 Department of English : Spanish
22 Department of Genetics and Biochemistry: Medical Laboratory Technology
23 Department of History: Gleaning India's History through Numismatics
24 Department of Journalism: Newspaper Publication
25 Department of Journalism: Photography
26 Department of Mathematics: Basic Mathematics for Competitive Exams
27 Department of Physics: German language Courses A1 Level
28 Department of Physics : German language Courses A2 Level
29 Departments of Psychology : Communication Disorders and Sign Language
30 Department of Psychology : Research and Statistics in Behavioural Sciences
30 Department of Psychology : Managing Learning Disabilities.
30 Department of Sociology: NGO Management
31 Department of Sociology: Women’s Rights Course
32 Department of Sociology: Women and Marxism 101
33 Department of Tourism and Travel Management: Tourism Geography and Airline Ticketing
34 Department of Zoology: Entomology and Integrated Pest Management
35 Training and Placement Cell : Employability Skill Set Training Program
Jyoti Nivas College Autonomous, BANGALORE

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