Career Oriented Courses

Career Oriented Courses 2022-2023
English Basic Spanish 50 Ms.Maya.V.H  EVEN BLENDED 
  Guitar 50 Ms.Maya.V.H  EVEN OFFLINE
   Spoken English 50 Ms.Namratha EVEN BLENDED 
Economics  Entreneurship Development Program 50 Dr.Anuja.B ODD OFFLINE
  ECONOMICS OF Human Resource Management  50 Dr.Anuja.B EVEN OFFLINE
Sociology  Sociology Of Medicine  50 Dr.Vasudha ODD&EVEN BLENDED
Prayatna Paper Recycling Course 30 Ms. Janhavi N ODD&EVEN OFFLINE
Psychology Communication Disorders and Sign Language 50 Ms. Vanhmingliani Hnamte ODD&EVEN ONLINE
  Research and Statistics in Behavioral Sciences 50 Ms. Yeshaswini V EVEN ONLINE
  Understanding Research Through SPSS Skillset 50 Ms. Roseline Gomes ODD&EVEN OFFLINE
Centre for Media studies  Creative writing  50 Father Saji Mathew  EVEN ONLINE 
  Photo journalism  50 Father Saji Mathew  EVEN OFFLINE
Tourism & Travel Management  Tourism Geography and Airline Ticketing 50 Dr.Anila Thomas EVEN BLENDED 
French  Spoken French 40 Mr. Sanjavy ODD ONLINE
Commerce & Management System Application Product 40 Ms. Ashmitha EVEN BLENDED 
  Tally Prime 100 Ms. Vani K EVEN OFFLINE
  Ms. Excel 30 Mr. N. Arunkumar EVEN OFFLINE
  Human Resource Analytics 50 Mrs. Radhika Kamath EVEN BLENDED 
Department of Biotechnology Vaccines and Drug Development - Clinical Trials and Regulations. 60 Dr. Divya EVEN OFFLINE
  Computational Biology 60 Dr. Rini & Dr. Divya ODD OFFLINE
Department of Zoology Entomology and IPM 50 Dr.Soumya K ODD OFFLINE
Department of Genetics Medical Laboratory Technology 50 Dr. Reema Lobo, Mrs. Mary Arpana EVEN ONLINE
Creative Poetry Writing 50 Ms. Janani Vijaykumar ODD&EVEN OFFLINE
Department of Botany Gardener 50 Dr. Priyadarshini Pillai   OFFLINE
  Nursery and Horticultural Techniques 15 Dr. Priyadarshini Pillai EVEN OFFLINE
  Online certification courses on Intellectual Property Rights - IPR 10 Dr. Priyadarshini Pillai EVEN ONLINE
Department of Chemistry Research Methodology 60 Mr. Mikhail Rajaram ODD/EVEN OFFLINE
Department of Biochemistry Nutrition and Dietetics 50 Dr. Sophia D EVEN OFFLINE
  Medical Lab Technology 50 Mrs. Mary Aparna & Dr. Reema Lobo EVEN OFFLINE
Department of Mathematics Basic Mathematics for Competitive Exams 50 Dr. JK Navis Vigilia EVEN OFFLINE
Department of Electronics  Yoga 30 Ms.Mary D Cruz ODD/EVEN (Twice) OFFLINE
  Basic Computers  50 Ms.Prathima ODD/EVEN (Twice) OFFLINE
  Tata Consultancy Services Youth Empowerment Program 50 Ms.Mary D Cruz EVEN ONLINE
Department of Computer Science AWS  - Fundamentals 30 Ms. Celestine Jeena EVEN OFFLINE
Department of Physics German language Courses A1 Level 150 Dr. Carol EVEN OFFLINE
  German language Courses A2 Level 150 Dr. Carol EVEN OFFLINE

Coordinator Ms. Maya Harave V, Department of English

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