Vision: Equity, Creativity & Empowerment

Mission: Hone Literary Sensibility, Sharpen Critical Thinking, Instil Social Consciousness

English is a dynamic language. It is the language of opportunities, the window to the world. Nowhere else in the world is English taught and learnt on such an extensive scale as in India. With revolutions in the field of information and technology, with globalization and liberalization, and with the mushrooming of new jobs and professions, there is a great demand than ever before for a knowledge of and skill in the use of English.

Distinct Pedagogy and Features:
Reaching out to the entire student body Balance of traditional and contemporary courses
Up-to-date and socially relevant curriculum Career Oriented Literary and linguistic competency Inclusive outlook and citizenship
Critical engagement with issues Multi-disciplinary approach

Learning outcomes:
Spirit of inquiry and critical thinking Research experience Academic and professional skills Social Consciousness Articulate thoughts and interpretations Exposure to multiple texts

Innovative Teaching Strategies:
Hybrid Model of teaching Enhance curriculum with online, visual and audio texts
Practice Teaching
Student Presentations Multiple digital platforms for teaching and evaluation Language Lab
Language Lab
Department Library
Events and Activities:
Rangmanch: National Literary Theatre Festival
Conferences and Seminars
Workshops in technical writing, theatre and translation
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The Department of English, established in the year 1966 offers a wide range of courses to the entire student body of Jyoti Nivas College. General English, is a requirement for the I&II semesters of the BCom/BBA/BCA/BVoc courses, and I, II, III&IV of the BA/BSc courses. The focus is on teaching the English language---Comprehension and Communication. Additional English is offered for 4 semesters as an alternative to learning a second language. The Optional English (Literature) course for the BA students is a comprehensive course in literatures in English.
In this globalized and highly competitive world, excellence in English becomes an absolute necessity in higher education and Communication. The Department of English plays a key role in the development of the college as it offers English as a core subject to the Arts students, as a vocational subject to the Communicative English (Media Studies) students, General English as a language subject to all the students of the college and Additional English to those students who are unable to take up any other second language at the higher level. The syllabus for General English has been designed to enhance learning, with the focus on skills of effective communication. In the teaching of Optional English (Literature) the Department has moved from conventional areas of British and American Literature to introduce students to new and contemporary areas of study like Indian Literatures in Translation and Post-Colonial Literature.
An expert, efficient and well qualified team of Lecturers ensures quality education and all round development of students.

Over 40 educators in renowned institutions.

Future Plans:
Honours Programme
Career Oriented Courses:
Content Writing
Creative Writing
Visual Text
Translation Studies
Research Project
New Electives (BA Programme):
Culture Studies
Literature and Film
Crime Fiction
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Nowhere else in the world, is English taught and learnt on such an extensive scale as in India. With revolutions in the field of information and technology, with globalization and liberalization and with the mushrooming of new jobs and professions, there is a greater demand than ever before for a knowledge of and skill in the use of English. Hence the challenge to offer a course that benefits all students ensures effective skill development and caters to the needs of the professional space.
The General English course for B.A / B.Sc / BCA / B.Com / BBA / B.Voc is designed keeping in mind the requirements of the job market as well as the various needs of the different streams and combinations. The selected pieces are cross-cultural and have been put together to generate discussions and thought on specific themes. The student sharpens her intellect and sensitivity to issues through the prescribed texts and also develops an enhanced usage of vocabulary. The grammar components are functional in nature, thus encouraging a user-friendly approach to language.
The writing segment has been designed in a manner that ensures a progression of ideas and skills. The student stands to gain immensely once she is trained in these areas. The syllabus for this section is practical and contemporary.

Jyoti Nivas College (Autonomous) under the auspices of the Bangalore University offers the Additional English paper as a second language paper to students coming from various corners of the country and from abroad. This paper is available to those who are unable to take up any of the other second language papers offered by the college. Keeping in mind the ethnic and linguistic pluralities of the students taking up this paper, the design is to capture multiple sensibilities from multiple cultures through texts in translation.
Literatures in translation form an extremely salient aspect of the study of various regional ethos. India, as a heterogeneous whole of many "India-s", compels us to examine and study the various threads of traditions binding the various cultures in this country. The course intends to put up before the students the need to absorb this diversity. As such there is an attempt in the first three papers, for the first three semesters, to bring forth some texts from different regions of the country which illustrate this matter. The idea is to foster and develop a greater holistic perspective of cultures, growing out of one's local cocoon. For the fourth and final semester we travel beyond national boundaries and develop a textual roadmap for certain key cultural milestones from the European Continent.

The course introduces the students to the study of literature and exposes them to the study of the English language and its functioning. The course begins with an introduction to British Literature and moves on to newer areas of writings in English and other literatures.
As a part of the language component, students will be introduced to and given a working knowledge of the four levels of language study: Phonology, Morphology, Syntax and Semantics. In order to sharpen their analytical skills and enhance their study of literature students would be specializing in the field of Stylistics. To allow more space for the Literature component of the syllabus, the Language component has been restructured to be taught over two semesters only. This has been done keeping in mind the objective of introducing the students to wide areas like Victorian, Modern and Contemporary Literatures. Students would also need to be allowed an in-depth study of a large area of Literature like American Literature.
At the end of three years students would have adequate exposure to British Literature and Literatures in English from other parts of the world. Skills of analysis and enquiry would be enhanced and a liberal humanist yet critical attitude would be cultivated.


Value Added Courses offered

• Spanish
• Guitar

Faculty Profile

Ms. Maya Harave V

MA., M.Phil

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Ms. Naureen Aziz

MA., SLET Qualified

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Ms. Veronica A

M.A., M. Phil.

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Ms. Suparna Sen Gupta

M.A., NET Qualified

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Ms. Nitu Thakur

M.A., M.Phil

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Ms. Sathya Pramode

M.A , M.Phil, PhD (Ongoing)

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Dr. Shweta Singh

M.A ,Ph.D .,NET

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Ms. Namrata Mohan

M.A., Ph.D (Ongoing)

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Ms. Sarah Babu Paul

M.A, Ph.D (Ongoing)

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Ms. Felcina Dcruz

M.A ,B Ed ,NET

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Ms. Prarthana Manoj


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Superannuation Profile

Dr. Shantha V

M.A., Ph.D NET Qualified

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Dr. Susheela B

MA (History), MA (English),M.Phil, Ph.D

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