- To help students to acquire necessary skills and values that enhance cross-cultural communication.
- To nurture creativity in students by student centred teaching and learning process.
To educate and motivate students to be aware of multiplicity in French and Indian culture and help them to communicate effectively in global arena.
Our goal in teaching French language is to guide our students in developing their communication skills through the acts of reading, writing, and creating discourse around texts of all types.
We aim for our students to develop expertise in comprehending and producing the target language, both spoken and written, as well as socio-cultural competency in communicating with people who speak the target language.

The French Club of the Department conducts activities for students to enhance their participation to understand French culture and practice the language. The activities are planned and executed by the core club student members. Activities like French Wordl, practicing French using Duolingo, Kahoot, French cuisine and etc., are done vibrantly. The Department also organises trips to Pondicherry to discover more about French tradition and culture.


French happened to be more knowledgeable and fun. Never knew technology could make learning interesting. I personally learnt a lot apart from the language alone.

Thank you so much for extreme learning and knowledge covered both French and rest. You've never sighed even on clearing doubt for the 10th time. The extra classes the teacher held to help the needy in French was extremely helpful. The teacher made French a lot easier than it is.

Varsha I

 French class was something I looked forward to during the week! Even though I studied French in my PUC, I barely understood it, but Sanjivy Sir explained the concepts very well which made it easy to remember. For anyone hesitant to take up French as their language, I would highly recommend opting for this course even if you are new to it!


Where there's a will there's a way!

 From a confused "oui?" to "vouloir c'est pouvoir", we've come a long way! The thought of learning a foreign language can be very overwhelming especially as a beginner. The most important thing then becomes to find a mentor who trusts you with the process and builds your confidence. The Teacher has immensely helped me to push my limits and aim for higher goals. The teacher helped us learn the language in the most fun, creative and out of the classroom ways which I'll always cherish. It's been a wonderful journey learning French at JNC and I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to do so.

P S Shreya,
Cultural Head,
Centre for Media Studies Department


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