Wind Turbines

Jyoti Nivas College installed a wind turbine on 26th May 2016. With this the college entered the list of very few colleges in the city to use renewable energy as alternate power source, and the first college to set up a wind turbine to power itself. The wind turbine with the capacity of 900 watts was taken up by the Electronics department in collaboration with National Aeronautical laboratories and Aparna Renewable energy sources, throwing the doors of the research and industry wide open to the students of the college. This was Jyoti Nivas College at the threshold of transition from being just the consumer of power to producer of power

The NALWIN wind turbine system has a capacity to generate 900 watts. It was jointly developed by Council for Scientific and Industrial Research - National Aerospace Laboratory along with its private partner, Aparna Renewable Energy Sources. This is apart from the 5kW solar PV system already installed in the campus.

The college was aided by the University Grants Commission (UGC), which funded the project. The students of the Department of Electronics first conceived this and drew up a plan for its execution.

CSIR-NAL’s director ShyamChetty, who was present at the inauguration, shared his views on how renewable energy was gaining importance, given that natural resources are depleting. Such initiatives will boost the minds of the young ones to find an alternative source. He also said that NAL would allow scholars from JNC to pursue research in their facility.

College principal Sister Elizabeth C.S. stressed on the need for youngsters to develop green initiatives. “My intention is to preserve something for the future generation to have a sustainable development,” she said and added that next on the agenda is to make the campus solar enabled.

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