Rainwater Harvesting

The Jyoti Nivas College management has actively supported the green initiatives of various departments. The college has taken forward the green initiative by initiating rainwater harvesting.

To reduce the wastage of water resources, in our institution we have rain water harvesting system. This system renews the bore wells in the institution. The rainwater collected from the roofs is used to water the plants, and to increase the groundwater and well water levels. This institution also creates awareness among the students to conserve water, and to preserve it for the future generation. Students are encouraged to use water wisely.

Paper Recycling

Solar panels

Rainwater harvesting

Wind turbines

Sewage treatment plant

Waste segregation

Nomenclature of trees on the campus

Plastic free campus

Green store

Ampere electric bikes

E-Waste Management

Green Audit Report : 2018-19

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