Mediatron 2021
Indian Media:State of Affairs. Ideologies. Narratives.Perspectives.
The annual academic media symposium hosted by the Centre for Media Studies, Mediatron 2021 was held on 18- 19 February, 2021. This year, the theme of Mediatron was Indian Media: State of Affairs. Ideologies. Narratives. Perspectives. The first day was an in-campus event that consisted of Just for Lols, a stand-up comedy show, Auction of Scandal and Aircrash. The second day was an online event which included a Keynotes speech by Ms. Dhanya Rajendran, co-founder, Thenewsminute. In her speech, Ms.Dhanya Rajendran stressed upon speaking truth to power and urged youngsters to pursue honest, responsible journalism. This was followed by paper presentations, delving deeper into the potentials and pitfalls in the current Indian media scenario.

Jyoti Nivas College Autonomous, BANGALORE

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