Ranger Unit

Guiding is universally recognized as one of the world's largest Youth Movement. Today over 10 million members belong to Guide Movement. The purpose of Guide Training is to help girls towards a full and rightly oriented adult life and Rangering stands by virtue of the part it plays in this. A Ranger Unit can best help young girls as time taken the impact of "Wide World" makes it great emands.

1. Rangering is a game of its own to which each young women brings her personality and experience and contributes what she has for the welfare of the community.
2. Rangering is... training in citizenship through healthy and happy activities that interest young women and develop their ingenuity and resourcefulness.
3. Rangering gives training opportunities for young women to think for themselves and for others and also promote their physical and mental development.
4. Rangering meets the needs of young women to adjust easily to the challenges for the present day life and it contributes to the positive development of the society in which they have. The Rangering age is from 15-25 years.

How Rangering was born?
Guiding was started in 1909 by those girls who attended the Crystal Palace Rally. By 1916 the girls who had been guides at the beginning were getting too old for their companies but they wanted to contribute in Guiding. The younger girls were also keen to join the Movement. Many older girls attracted by the Guides ideals were anxious to join the Movement. So "Senior Guides" came into existence. Lord B.P was very much interested in this new branch and asked Mrs Mark Kerr to take up senior Guides and work out a plan for them based on a memorandum which he gave to her.

The scheme of senior Guides came out in the successive number of "The Gazette". In 1918 new units were formed. Then there was question to give proper name for Senior Guides. In 1919, a note appeared in 'Gazette' with few suggested names "Citizen Guides", "Pioneers", "Pilots", "Torch Bearers", Guides-Woman" and "Ranger Hearts" but none of them met with universal approval. The name "Ranger" was given by the Chief Scout and forwarded by the Chief Guide in the Gazette in June 1920. She writes:

Here is the suggested new name "Ranger". It means
1. "To range is to set in proper order to roam, and this might well mean that you are going to tread ground as a senior guides that as a Guide you have not yet passed.
2. To range means to travel to rove over wide distance, whether in your mind or body.
3. A Ranger is one who guards a large tract of forest land and thus it comes to mean one who has the wide outlook and sense of responsibility, protective duties, appropriate to a senior Guide.
4. "To sail along in a parallel direction". Ranger Guides are complementary to the Rover Scouts. The official name "Ranger" came into existence July 1920 at Oxford Conference. In India, Rangering started in 1918. Now we have more than 83,000 Rangers. Most of the Units are in Railway States, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Kerala, etc. In India, Ranger programme emphasizes Services in the community; broadening girl's knowledge of whatever the world has to offer, deepening commitment to the values inherent in Promise and Law, developing skills, increasing self esteem and in all of these fun and friendship.

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