MA in English

The department was founded in 1991. One of the first colleges to begin an M.A in English Course in Bangalore, since its inception it has been committed to inculcating academic excellence in its students. Studying literature at Jyoti Nivas includes the growth of erudite reading skills and a talent to place literary and cultural texts in their broader academic and historical contexts. The course allows you a substantial amount of choice, both in evolving your individual interests across core papers, and in selecting a subject for your research in the final year.

Programme Objectives:
  • Develop literary sensibility
  • Encourage research thinking
  • Instil analytical, critical and creative faculties
  • Inculcate social awareness and responsibility
Programme Outcomes:
  • Experience in research and academic writing
  • Awareness of local, national and international issues of contemporary relevance
  • In-depth knowledge of trends and developments in the field of literary and cultural studies

Our Faculty

Dr. Roopa Philip

Head, Department of MA
Assistant Professor

Dr. Preetha Vasan

Assistant Professor

Dr. Prakrithi. H.N

Assistant Professor