PG Profile

PG Best Practices
Up to date and innovative curriculum
Humanised education
Onus on Research
Scope given for Self-Study and growth
Global collaboration and perspective
Interactive and experiential learning
Raising student consciousness about national and social issues.
To support and encourage activities promoting faculty development and recognition

PG Core Values

Faith in God
Team Spirit
Relationship Building

PG Culture
7 Habits of highly effective JNCite's
Be Proactive
Be Knowledge Driven
Be Open to Growth
Begin with the End in Mind
Conservation of Resources
Cultivate Compassion

PG Pedagogy

We do not merely want to qualify our students for their respective degrees. But in the course of their study here, we hope to mould them into capable leaders of tomorrow, confident and socially committed citizens with a mind of their own. A variety of methods are used to achieve this aim. The onus of knowledge acquisition is not only on regular lectures but also through a wide array of other methods.

Dissertation / Research-based project Lab
Collaborations with Industry / Institute
Research Journals – Navajyoti / Dhii / Department e-Journals
Real-time Projects
Certificate Courses / MOOC Courses
Soft Skills and Communication Skill Development
Case Study Development / Simulations / Role plays / Quiz / Management Games / Practice Teaching
Assignments and Presentations
Research-based Paper Presentation for students
Newspaper Analysis / Book Review & Movie Review
Industry-Academia Interaction
Conferences / Workshops / Seminars / Guest Lectures and Public Lectures
Organizing & Participating in Extracurricular Activities (Fests / Club Activities / Students Symposium)
Alumni Interaction
Industrial Visits
Faculty Development Programme
Outreach Programme into the rural and urban marginalized
International study tour
Value Education