Mile Stones

At PG centre we are like the ever growing tree - A tree symbolizes life which grows from a small seed to a fruitful and strong tree if well nurtured. The journey it makes is largely affected by many forces which affect its life in the ever changing world; it stands stern and spreads the message of stability and adaptation in creative ways.

The introduction of six new PG programmes – MSc Computer Science, MSc Mathematics, MCom, MSc Psychology, MSc Wellnes Counselling, MSc Biological Sciences.

Bengaluru City University, renewed the Research Centre status for Chemistry and recognised new Research Centres in English, Computer Science and Management.

* The MA English programme introduced the option of internship as an elective course in its curriculum. With this, internship becomes a best practice of the post-graduate programmes, found in all the programmes offered by the centre.
* The MBA programme received the "Business School of the year award for “Pragmatic Curriculum – 2021" by Academic Insights Magazine.
* The Department of Computer Science received a research grant from the college to design and develop a College Information Management System (CIMS).

Recognising the need to introduce outcome-based education, the programmes devised innovative CIA modules that would foster a variety of skills in the students.

In an attempt to nurture empathy and social responsibility among students, 30 hours of outreach was made mandatory for all students of the PG programmes.

The department of MCA included MOOCs as a mandatory criteria for internal assessment - Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) provide an affordable and flexible way to learn new skills, advance career and deliver quality educational experiences. The students of PG - MCA and MBA have enrolled themselves to do the courses between Jan and May 2019. becomes a learning experience.

Dhii – Journal by the department of MBA,MCA and M.Com(FA) - launched as online E-Journal in the month of September 2017

'Dhii' is a sanskrit word which means the imagination, intellect ,thought, mental attitude, intelligence reflection, opinion, notion, intention, knowledge, mind, art, science, wisdom and understanding. This journal reflects our students' ideas, intelligence, opinions, knowledge and understanding. This is the true sense of 'Dhii'

Launch of a new research journal titled: ‘Navajyoti’ – a multi disciplinary international online journal to mark the 50 glorious years of academic excellence of Jyoti Nivas College Autonomous on 28th July 2016 and a total of 9 multi disciplinary papers are published.

- Introduced Choice Based Credit System
- Introduced Softcore papers for I and II semesters
- Introduced Open elective for the third semester
- Manual For the Research Project is developed

2014 - 15 – online certification courses on Python and UML
online submission of admission
Certificate Course in Life Skill -50 Vital Pressure Points/ Mudras towards health and well being / Pranayama

The first Jyoti Summit was held. Since then this has become an annual event fostering industry academia interaction and functioning as a platform for interdisciplinary dialogue and engagement

MA (English) – commenced from the year 1991
MCA - commenced from the year 2003
MBA – commenced from the year 2007
MFA/M.Sc - commenced from the year 2009

First PG Orientation day from the year 2003
First PG Day from the year 2009
First PG Magazine from the year 2010
First PG Sports from the year 2007

Release of the first Student Journal:
By the MA (English) - The Notebook since the year 2005
By the MCA ‘Dhii’ and MBA ‘Soch’ from the year 2009.
Since 2011, the MBA/MCA have a common journal named ‘Dhii’; this will be bi-annual (Released in the month of September and April every year).

E-Journal by the Departments
E-Journal by MBA students named ‘Sageeza’ from 2008
E-Journal by MCA students named ‘Tech-on-Tap’ from 2012
E-Journal by MFA students named 'Seon' from 2012

Departments Club Activities
‘LitzApp’, the English Literary Club from 2015
'GNOSIS', the Management Club from 2012
'Cursor Crew', the IT Club from 2012
'Artha Jyothi', the Finance Club from 2012

State /National Level conference/seminar:
First State level seminar and paper presentation from the year 2009 by MA Department
First National level Conference in the year 2006 by MCA department
First National level Conference in the year 2009 by MBA departments
First State level seminar in 2010 by MBA/MCA/MFA Departments

Dissertation: MA from 2009 and MBA from 2010

Departmental paper presentations by MCA from 2005