“It’s not just about seeing the connections and opportunities; it is also the act of weaving possibilities together to create something new and exciting.”

-Dylan Sherlock

Department of MBA initiated a new project named: “INTRAPRENEURS IN ACTION 2020-2022”. This project was initiated by the new MBA batch 2020-22, with an aim of promoting and fostering the skills of students in social entrepreneurship. For that the entire class got divided into three groups and each group formed a company with solid vision and mission which is in align to intrapreneurship. This system allows a student to act like an entrepreneur inside the campus.

The companies here formed under intrapreneurship project are AGRARIAN, PARIVARTANAM, DE BRANDTEC. The group Agrarian goes with the concept of providing cost effective sustainable products and services in the campus. In the campus itself the group started a small budget farming for the same. Debrantec, an integrated marketing consultancy project that helps clients (students and departments) in branding and promotional activities of various departments in the campus .Parivarathanam is rooted in social entrepreneurship by recycling and reuse of garbage out of paper.

Intrapreneurs in Action – 2
The Inaugural of Intrapreneurs In Action – 2 was conducted on 24th February, 2021 to put to sea the launch of the Social Media Business Venture by the Department of MBA in the presence of the Director Dr Sr Lalitha Thomas. It was an incredible synergy of students and faculty in the auditorium of the Post graduate Centre. It had over 100 attendees including the faculty and students, both juniors and seniors.The true power of Social Media is Influence. Social Media provides an avenue to not only engage with customers, but also influence them with the right content that helps them make a decision.

Intrapreneurs work and lead with the producer’s mindset and run their team and department with an abundance mentality, an attachment to true principles and fearless and faith in people and quality. Then the Intrapreneurial Venture of the Seniors Batch, “V Start”, ‘A few clicks is all it takes’ was introduced by the Corporate Executives and various Heads of Departments. Ms Likitha Shetty, the CEO of the venture stated the relevance of the term VUCA and the level of its impact during the Covid-19 Pandemic. She also highlighted the positive side of the situation that has made possible the increase in the number of Entrepreneurs. Then she also stated how efficiently the power of Social Media can be used to put to sea the Intrapreneurial Venture of the students of the Department of MBA.

Then the Technical Team consisting of Ms Saniya Shaikh and assisted by Ms Ashika S highlighted the operations including creating an Instagram account, handling it, responding to customer queries and maintaining account privacy. The Technical Team was followed by the HR team consisting of Ms Hafsa Mariam, Ms Varsha M and Ms Nimra Parvez, stated the Vision, Mission, Objectives and CSR of V Start stating 2% of the profits of the venture is being donated for a good cause. The Operations Team consisting of Ms Lavanya K assured that the venture will function as efficiently and productively as possible and also stated the precautions taken during the pandemic for quality delivery and service to the customers. The Marketing Team consisting of Ms Chaithanya BK and Ms Kulsum Basha discussed the Marketing Mix adopted by the venture. The product prices range from ₹5- ₹6000. Place included the PG Centre currently but will expand its wings in due course. A-Z Products are kept for sale. People include all the students, faculty and staff in the PG Centre and will later expand its operation to the Family and friends of the students. Post that the Finance Team consisting of Ms Brundha S, Ms Chaitra N and Ms Vaishnavi M revealed how the financing of the venture will take place. The Finance Team will be put to work when an order for a product is placed. The customers have the option of payments to be made in cash or otherwise. Lastly the lump sum amount will be returned to the investors. The Initial Investment of V Start is ₹13000 from the investors of the V-start.

Followed by the Introduction, the Director, Dr Sr Lalitha Thomas then inaugurated the venture V Start. Her message stated the significance of giving back to the society which inspired the young minds of the audience. A video about V Start and the products listed was presented to enlighten the audience about the venture. The Juniors Batch of the Department of MBA had already launched their three ventures, Parivartanam, Agrarian and De Brandtec whose Chief Executives briefed the audience about their respective ventures.

This venture aided students to put their knowledge to use and bridge the gap between idea and implementation. Such an initiative has helped students to understand terms such as ‘be your own boss’, ‘create your team’, ‘creative expression’, ‘excellence and learning’ and most importantly ‘working towards a good cause’.