Seminar on Advanced Financial Literacy

Date:17 November 2023
The Department of M. Com (FA) organized a seminar on Advanced Financial Literacy in collaboration with Beartsy on 17 th November 2023 for the students of M. Com (FA). There were 50 Participants who took part in the seminar. The session was conducted by Mr. Sumith Jha (Financial Literacy Advocate). Managing our Finance and investing in various way would help us to earn alternative source of income which helps us to utilized when there is an emergency or need. Mr. Sumith emphasised us with the enriched knowledge about Financial Literacy.

Workshop on financial investment

Date : 17 October 2023
The Department of M. Com (FA) conduced a workshop on "Awareness on financial investment for women" on 20 th October 2023, from 11 AM to 12:30 Pm, the resources person was Ms. Sowmya Anand from Fin-save Pvt company. There were 32 Students from 1 st year M.Com( FA) and 58 Students From 1 st year MBA a total of 90 participants. This session made the participants to think and plan their future investment so as to have a proper investment discipline and also provided a platform on how to plan goals, preparing an expenditure tracker, and manage their income wisely with a proper savings and investment to achieve their future financial goals.

Commerce and Management fest

Date : 18 August 2023
A national level inter collegiate Commerce and management fest - SPARK LUMIERE which proudly presented "ADVITYA - Uniqueness" as on 18 th August 2013, with more than 50 colleges participating. Spark was led by the Department of MBA and Lumiere was led by the Department of M.COM(FA) & M.VOC.

Seminar on changing trends and impact of AI in business and industry

Date : 19 July 2023
A inter-departmental seminar was organized on 19 July 2023, on changing trends and impact of AI in business and industry by Mr. Wilfred Shreyas, persuasive speaker, author and professor. The seminar focused on concepts that enable one, to reach out to the best and most feasible tools of Al, that help one's life easier.

Seminar on Technical analysis of commodity markets

Date: 23 June 2023
A regional seminar was organised on technical analysis of commodity market in association with mcx as on 23 rd June 2023. The resource person for the day was Mr. Anjan(MCX trainer). A total of 120 students took part in the seminar. The seminar focused on concept of derivative and commodity markets covering aspects of indicators and agri- products.

Industrial Visit

Date: 19 June 2023
The students paid a visit to the TVS Motor Company plant in Hosur, Tamil Nadu on 19 th June 2023. The purpose of this visit was to provide the students with a practical understanding of the company, manufacturing processes and day-to-day operations. The industrial visit to the TVS Motor Company plant was a valuable learning experience.

Club activity : Ataraxia

Date: 18 June 2023
The last Club Activity for the year was on the 18 th of June 2023. There were 58 participants actively engaging in the activity that was conducted. The club activity conducted focused on the students developing a sense of unity & teamwork and learning how to work with others in order to reach the same objective. They shared creative ideas and conducted fun activities for their fellow classmates. The club activity was filled with creative ideas and fun-filled financial activities.

Udupi trip

Date: 21 May 2023
On 21 may 2023, the final year and M.Voc students went on their yearly trip to the wonderful sites of Udupi. The wispy mist surrounding the Arbi falls made the entire scene incredibly lovelyThe Malpe beach, St. Marys Island are still are memories to be cherished. The students went to Kemmannu hanging bridge, and Salumaradha Thimmakka tree park. This incredible journey promoted friendship and a sense of belonging.

Club activity : Anveshan

Date : 19 May 2023
The Department organised the 3rd Club activity for the year during the even semester on 19 th May 2023 from 1pm to 3:30 Pm. The participants were the students of M. Com (FA) and M. Voc (BF) with total of 50 Students. The main objective of this program was to enhance knowledge and creative thinking. It included various activities such as quiz, case studies, debates, group discussions, etc, in order to help students to improve communication, overcome stage fear, develop confidence, and showcase their talent. The Theme for this Club Activity was Anveshan- Which means seeking, searching and investigating.

Case analysis workshop

Date : 3 May 2023
A case analysis workshop was organised on 3rd May 2023 by Mr. T.K.Rajiv,an industry expert with 25 years of experience. The main focus of the workshop was to analyse and understand various aspects of analysing a case and using optimal use of the six thinking hats.

Young scholar Forum

Date: 24th Feb 2023
This Forum is designed to bring together young scholars to present their work on the transition the country is facing today. The objective of the forum is to highlight the exciting work being done by young scholars to nurture and enhance their potential in this field of study. There were around 39 papers presented on various topics which included General management, HR, Marketing, Finance & Accounting.

Decoding Union Budget

Date: 23rd Feb 2023
The Department of and MBA cordially orgainsed a talk on ‘Decoding the Union Budget’. The Union Minister of Finance and Corporate Affairs Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman presented the Union Budget 2023-24 in the Parliament. The highlights of the Budget was proposed to students by Mr. Naval Kishore Bajaj, President BVSS Bangalore. As a Citizen of India, it is just and right to understand the union budget and to know, how to analyse and interpret the union budget proposed every year.

Induction to Students

Date: 17th Feb 2023
The Department of organised fun filled financial activities for the students of It was a measure to break the barriers between UG and PG students and also create a healthy environment for students to enjoy their period in college, throughout their academic years. It also acted as a guide to students by bringing in awareness among students, the syllabus, ambiance and the working spirit of It was a fun-filled event . There were about 250-300 students.

Corporate Connect – AXIS Bank
10th August 2022

The Department of M. Com (FA) organised a Corporate Connect with Axis Bank on 10th August 2022, Ms. Nisha Charles HR Manager of Axis Bank addressed the students of M. Com (FA) regarding banking and finance, there were 30 Students who participated in the event, the participants included both from M. Com and MBA, the session was conducted for 1 hour on the career opportunities in banking sector, MS. Nisha also explained the growth opportunities that the students can have in the banking sector, she also explained the various roles that the banker would play in the banking business, such as wealth manger, NRI, Currency handling, money transfer, generation of accounts. etc. Post which Ms. Nisha also explained various job titles at Axis Bank, the students were briefed upon the job description, the salary breakup, organizational structure, and also Ms. Nikita a branch Manger testified her career growth at AXIS Bank, this Corporate Connect was not only a session of interaction the bank managers also took an opportunity to interview the students and also selected 18 Students for the bank.

Farewell 2022: GEZELLIG
6th August 2022

The department of M. Com (FA) 1st year Students organised a Farewell function for the outgoing Students of batch 2020 to 2022 on 6th August 2022 at 11:00 am onwards Titles Gezellig, the farewell was organised for the students of M.Com (FA) the farewell brought in various mixed emotions for the students reminding the days of their college at Jyoti Nivas Post Graduate centre, the first years organised various events such as welcome dance, songs, skits, videos, games, there were various testimonies given by the students about their wonderful journey that they spent at the college campus, the memories with their friends, the classroom connect with the teachers, their blissful learning the entire event went on with varieties of mixed emotions they bid farewell and took loads of memories with them capturing many pictures remembering these days for life time.

Fundamentals on Capital and Forex Market
21st July 2022

The seminar was conducted on 21-7-2022 at 11:15 AM for the Students of M. Com (FA) and M.VOC(B&F) by Mr. Himanshu, he is a senior Manage of National stock exchange Bangalore, there were 40 participants who were part of the seminar, the session began with a basic question on how many stock exchanges are there in the country and also he discussed on what accounts are required for investing in capital market, the session was interactive where the speaker of the day gave basics of stock markets in India.

9th June 2022

The Department of M. Com (FA) organises club activities every month named Artha Jyoti- in the month of JUNE 9th 2022 the students chose a theme named KAUN BANEGA FINANCEPATI in this club activity there were 3 rounds on finance topics the first round was Quiz the second round was debate on the topics that are prevailing in the world such as coal crisis in India, Sri Lanka financial crisis and crude oil crisis, the third round was bidding and connections, first and final year students of M.Com(FA) along with first year students of M. Voc (B&F) were a part of this club activity, the Students had invited their super seniors as their chief guest, this club activity had two chief guest Ms. Benedicta and Ms. Neelam, post the club activity rounds the guest spoke about their journey at Jyoti Nivas College and what are the things to be considered for the corporate life, the event was successful the students completed the even with a great amount of learning as such event are conducted to encourage students and provide a platform for being bold and confident so that the can be confident in the competitive world.

Freshers Day 2022
9th June 2022

The department of M.Com(FA) Organised a freshers day on c as a part of extra curricular activity, the event was hosted by the 2nd year students of M.Com (FA) to their juniors of the batch 2021- 2023 there were a total of 34 juniors both from M.Com(FA) and M.Voc (B&F) the main objective for conducting this event is to encourage the students to be active and work together as one team for various activities hosted by the college and also to bring in the qualities of leadership and build good rapport with their peers. The fresher’s day began with a welcome note followed by prayer and there after continued with group dance and song by the second year M. Com (FA) students, post these activities the students were engaged with various fun activities that would bring in leadership qualities and build good rapport with each other. At the end of the event one person was selected as a best fresher based on the winner of the event.

2 Days Trip to Gokarna
20th and 21st May 2022

The Students of M. Com (FA) organised 2 days trip on 20th and 21st May 2022, a total of 15 people were part of the 2 days Trip that included 4 girls from M.Voc (B&F) 9 Girls from M.Com(FA) and two faculties Prof. Vincent Paul and Ms. Jaya joined the Trip . This trip was from Bangalore to Gokarna, it was an overnight journey. The next morning, on 20th May the students visited Jog fall that was on the way to Gokarna. It was a beautiful morning. we saw the graceful waterfall plunging down the edge of dark green mountain and mist of fog around the fall gives a heavenly scenery. The travel to Gokarna and the visit to various beaches was spectacular. 21st May the second morning of the trip students visited Mahabeleshwar Temple, main Gokarna beach, street shopping, camel rides on the shore, Mirjan Fort, and finally Yana Rock. The students loved nature and enjoyed the time of the trip, the department of M.Com(FA) provided an experience of adventure in to the wild where they heard different chirping and whistling of birds, see different colored wildflowers, trecking and so on, this 2 days visit created a bond among the students and was a memorable trip that the students can carry and nourish it throughout their life time.

Corporate Interaction with M. Com (FA) Students
May 27th 2022

On May 27th 2022, the Department of Mcom organized a session on corporate interaction for the students. The conference focused on preparing the final and first-year students for the corporate world. There were 40 students both from 1st M. Com (FA) and 2nd M. Com (FA) who attended this event. During the connect the attendees’ shared opinions and their career expectations.

The keynote speaker was Mrs. Sri Priya Ramanathan, Experienced CA, CFO, and Entrepreneur with consulting and statutory audit expertise, assisted by Mr. Kumar Muniraju, Associate Director for Aconter Business Solutions Private Limited. The participants had the opportunity to discuss various specializations and develop recommendations. The discussion was conducted on the specializations that help land a high-paying job – Finance, Banking and Insurance, International Accounting and Taxation.

Workshop on Commodity Derivatives in Association with Multi Commodity Exchange, Bengaluru
17th May 2022

The workshop was conducted as on 17 May 2022, headed by Mr.Anjan Kumar, Trainer at MCX. A commodity market involves buying and selling or trading of raw products such as oil, gold or coffee. These include hard commodities which are generally natural resources and soft commodities which are livestock or agricultural goods. Practical learning is always a drawback with regard to exchanges, However hands on experience gives a percentage of learning outcome and this was possible through Mr.Anjan Kumar. Approaches to understanding the framework of Commodity markets was itself a task, but however simplex examples and live current affairs deliberated during the session made it feasible to understand it easily.

One Day Visit to Wonder-la
6th May 2022

The Department of M.Com (FA) Hosted a one day Visit to Wonder-la for the 4th semester Students on 6th May 2022, there were a total of 13 Students and 2 Faculties.

83 Movie Review
29th April 2022

The Department of M.Com(FA) on 29th April 2022 Played a movie for the Students the movie played was a Hindi Movie ‘83’ the reason that the department chose this movie is that because it had lot of learning such Never Give Up, Never Predict Future, Believe In Yourself, Have Goal and dreams.

Women’s Day Celebration
9th March 2022

The Department of M. Com (FA) hosted women’s day celebration on 9th march 2022, on the theme “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow” the reason for celebrating this event is mainly commemorate the cultural, political, and socioeconomic achievements of women. The day emphasizes on women's rights movement and brings attention to several issues such as gender equality, reproductive rights, and violence and abuse against women. The program began with welcome speech followed by prayer and the main aspect of the event was the speech given by our beloved principal on the important role played by women in the world. This event had various activities such as song sung by Mr. Rajesh followed by Mr. Vincent, finally the women faculties were engaged in a fun activity and the event was concluded with a vote of thanks remembering the various role played by women in the world.

Webinar on Basics of Stock Market
28th February 2022

The Department of M.Com (FA) organised a webinar on Basics of Stock Market and job opportunities in finance segment in association with Stock Market Institute on 28th February 2022, there were 53 Students who participate in this event including students of M.Com (FA) and M.Voc (B&F), Mr. Ritadhama CS trader and mentor of Stock Market Institute conducted a session of what stock market is , various types of exchanges in the country, what are the requirements to investment in stock market and most importantly how to trade on shares, students were very interested in this session.

Industrial Visit to Sula Vineyard
20th February 2022

The department of M. Com (FA) Organised an Industrial Visit to Sula Vinery on 20th February 2022, the winery named Domaine Sula Winery on Bengaluru - Mysore highway very close to Channapatna. is situated away from the hustle-bustle of the city and are surrounded by abundant natural beauty which will make the city folks forget their stress and rejuvenate them. The company organised and guided Winery tours and also provided Grape Stomping as a fun activity to make the experience a memorable one.

The Winery Tour was made available to the students at 11:Am the industrial tour guide took the students for the industrial visit and explained the process of manufacturing starting from selecting the grapes and separating the grapes from the stock, fermenting, then followed by bottling and packing the bottles finally the also took the students to the vineyard explaining the various types of grapes that was grown the students were allowed to go to the vineyard and the students had a practical learning on the process of manufacturing wine. This event was organised by the students of M. Com (FA) as the department encouraged leadership qualitied among the students, there were 30 Students from the first year who took part in the Visit both from M. Com (FA) and M. Voc (B&F). 2 Faculties accompanied the students for the Visit.

Webinar on Catastrophe Modelling in Insurance Industry
05th February 2022

The Department of M. Com (FA) organised a webinar on 05 February 2022 based on the topic ‘Catastrophe modelling in Insurance Industry.’ Mr. Antony Canisius, the senior catastrophic analyst had graced the occasion with his knowledgeable insights and provided a clear-cut career growth line for the students in insurance industry. The objective of the webinar was to bring out students thinking out of the box and understand the practical aspects of the functioning of insurance industry and thus know about their career growth in this field.

This event was hosted on the google platform (google meet) There were a total of 65 participants which involved, M.voc students and some students from other colleges.

Webinar on Performance Analysis of Mutual Fund and Crypto Currency
18th August 2021

The department of M. Com (FA) organised a webinar on Performance analysis of Mutual fund on 17-12-2021 in association with Finsafe India Private Limited by Sowmya Anand, there were 52 participants of both 1st year and 2nd year M. Com(FA) students that attended the webinar which was conducted on google platform, in the webinar Ms. Sowmya discussed on Gold exchange traded funds” these funds are an open-ended scheme which invested purely physical gold bullion. This scheme also allows to invest gold related instruments, the price of gold ETF units move in line with the domestic price of gold. It is also the bench mark against the price of the gold. It has a higher risk and high returns in equity scheme and low risk and low return in liquid scheme.

Webinar on Performance Analysis of Mutual Fund
18th August 2021

Department of M.Com(FA) organized a Webinar on 18th August 2021 on the topic” The Performance Analysis of Mutual Funds” in association with Finsafe India Private Limited. The main objective of the session is to enlighten students on what are the different goal-based investments and its options and how to match those assets to the human needs. The session mainly emphasised on ways to increase domestic savings an improvement in deployment of investment through markets, the need and scope for mutual fund operations.

Club Activity Artha Jyoti – FINANZAS FIESTA
1st July 2021

The fist club activity for the academic year 2021-2022 took place on July 1st 2021. The club activity – Artha Jyoti ‘Finanzas Fiesta’, a series of activities are conducted like Merger Maze, Air Crash and Hide the Product to develop leadership skills, boost confidence & improve qualities required to succeed in long run.

Program on Data Analytics Using Statistical Package for Social Science
26th April to 5th May 2021

In order to gain knowledge and work effectively on a statistical tool, there needs to be a training program on an SPSS Software. It is a tool that is widely used in Market Research, Surveys, Competitor Analysis, and Others. It is a comprehensive and flexible statistical and data analysis tool. It is one of the most popular statistical packages which can perform highly complex data manipulation and analysis with ease. The session starts with brief introduction about the software and introducing them to the platform, teaching them on how to install etc., series of sessions are conducted which helps the students in presenting a report with in-depth statistical capabilities, this enhances knowledge on effective data management in analyzing data easier and quicker, with a wide range of options with a better screening of the information as a preparation for further analysis. The topics covered during the period are introduction to data view & variable view, how to extract data or enter the data, defining the variables, scales, theoretical overview of parametric & non-parametric test and its computation in SPSS, testing of normality, reliability test, application of correlation & regression and its computation, significance values etc., from this students are able to learn on how to perform case selection, create derived data, and perform file reshaping. As research involves lot of survey work and time this tool helps to make our task complete in a better way - by identifying trends, developing predictive models and drawing informed conclusions.

Workshop on Data Visualization & Business Intelligence Reporting
1st April 2021

Tableau is a data visualization software that enables users to create analytical and attractive charts, graphs and tables from complex data sources. It is widely used across companies and Business Intelligence (BI) industries and good for data blending, real-time analysis and collaboration of data. Tableau converts complex data into visually appealing and interaction visualizations in an instant.

This visualization takes only minutes and is done through the use of an easy to use drag-and-drop interface. This hands-on workshop enables students to learn how to simplify the raw data in a very easily understandable format for professionals at any level in an organization. At the end of the session students are able to use tableau to turn data into meaningful visualizations.

Club Activity Artha Jyoti – COMPTES FETE
30th March 2021

The theme of the event was Accounting and Auditing. The objective of the program was to enhance their knowledge in the field of accounting and auditing through Quiz and Balance Sheet Analysis. It enabled the students to get a better understanding of the concepts studied in the curriculum in a fun way.

Webinar on Technical Aspects of Stock Analysis Associated with Hermoney Talks
18th March 2021

The session focused on the financial planning for the young working women, we see women leading at every possible front. They are now more informed and educated and are confident enough to make their own decisions. They are masters of multi-tasking with juggling their careers and households at the same time. While they make their continuous progress, women should also pay a special attention to financial planning. This is one area which often takes a back seat in a woman’s life. Financial planning for women is a critical aspect for them to reach their personal as well as professional objectives, without being dependent on anyone.

And also focused on the money skills that women have, women’s being good at budgeting and saving having considering a long term prosperity. The session also highlighted the mistakes women make with money such as getting emotional with money, not having financial discussion at home and lacking financial goals. Here is why the need for separate financial planning for women's was made understood by stressing on contributing factors like higher life expectancy, increasing number of working hours, optimal use of surplus wealth along with planning for uncertainty.

With a sound plan, we can march confidently towards personal and professional objectives without worrying about the financial implications. Also, it prepares us for any crisis in the future as well as raises corpus for retirement. Thus, it is high time for all the women to take active role in financial planning and take complete control of their finances. It is the first step towards achieving that coveted financial independence.

Simulation on Portfolio Construction
26th February 2021

Department of M.Com (FA) organized an activity on Portfolio Construction through Solver in MS Excel. The activity was a blend of theoretical and practical knowledge on implementation of Markowitz Portfolio Construction concepts. The session involved identifying stock prices of minimum 10 companies and analyzing their return and risk and then proceeded on to learning certain excel functions and formulas that aided the students in finding the portfolio return and risk. The practical representation of performing the complex calculations along with the interactive lecture made concepts easy for the students to understand. Wealth Management has developed into one of the most respected and highly compensated occupation in the financial services industry. Globally, the financial advisers have emerged as the most recent class of experts who either as entrepreneurs or as working professionals in banks or other investment advisory firms create financial plans for their clients and also help them to accomplish their financial goals. This activity gave the students a great deal of knowledge concept wise as well as an idea on the role of a portfolio manager.

Simulation on Bargain & Trade
26th February 2021

Trading in Commodity markets includes both physical trading and derivatives trading using spot prices, forwards, futures, and options on futures. Farmers have used a simple form of derivative trading in the commodity market for centuries for price risk management. The activity conducted was on commodity trading were participants were divided into three different groups - accountants, traders and stock brokers. Were the trades would trade on various situations given at the time based on the crisis they had to trade on which commodity to buy and sell. The accountants had to prepare and maintain a trading account on the commodities purchased and sold during the give time band and the stock brokers would maintain the details which commodity was traded by the traders in terms of the quantity (lot size) and the total contract price at which the contract is traded. The activity was done to gain more knowledge of the practical aspects of commodity trading and to understand the trading mechanism of the traders and how commodities are traded in the commodity market.

Workshop on Financial Planning For Low Income Group
20th February 2021

To strengthen the active aspect of the people’s mindset on Financial Planning, Department of M.Com (FA) hosted a workshop for low and middle class income people on how to Plan and Save their Income. In this modern world there are lots of people who are unaware about the services provided by the government. The complete aim of this particular workshop was to make people aware about the schemes that are provided by government and give them the complete knowledge on how the schemes work and where they can apply for the schemes.

Financial Literacy Workshop
12th December 2020

The workshop on financial literacy was conducted on 12th December 2020 in association with ANZ Bank, Bangalore. The session was held by Mr. Shridhar Kubasad, Business Manager, Mr. Srinivasa Sharath R K, Engineer Chapter Lead, Mr. Vinay Kumar, Business Analyst and Mrs.Shalini Mary, Analyst from ANZ Bank. The workshop was specifically meant for the students, with a view to make the students gain in-depth knowledge in being financially literate and to make critical decisions about career, business, investments and other resources that conjure up fear to be financially success. If one wants to thrive in today’s economy, one must challenge the status quo and get the financial education necessary to succeed.

Learning Objectives of the Workshop
1. How to have a clear vision about the goals.
2. How to save money by preparing allocation chart of expenditure and savings.
3. Art of saying no.
4. Differentiating between needs and wants.

Guest Lecture on Insurance – A Tool to Manage Risk
28th November 2020

The guest lecture on Insurance a tool to manage risk was given by Mr. UTTAM KUMAR an associate dean. The session shed light on the concept of Insurance and its related aspects. Mr. Uttam explained in what way the company pools clients' risks to make payments more affordable for the insured?

He enlightened more on insurance policies and how they are used to hedge against the risk of financial losses, both big and small, that may result from damage to the insured or her property, or from liability for damage or injury caused to a third party. Mr. Uttam lightened on the Principle of Utmost Good Faith, both parties involved in an insurance contract the insured (policyholder) and the insurer (the company) should act in good faith towards each other

Club Activity: NOVUS – Giving Wings to Your Imagination
23rd November 2020

The objective of the program was to enhance knowledge and creative thinking. The event of this month's club activity was Case Study and Product Development & Strategy for the FMCG Sector. It helps students to learn about how a company works and how they develop the product, how they split corporate social responsibility, how they join hands with the government to help people.

Induction Program
4th November 2020

The Induction Program was almost held for two months in which faculties trained students on different factors, where students had multiple inspirational, educational and knowledge gaining sessions including Club activity. This got in team spirit and helped them in knowing each other better on a virtual platform.

Lots of sessions like CORE, Dynamic Personality, Goal Setting, embracing my post-Graduation, Personal branding, Harmony with yourself, Crisis leadership: and others got in a lot of motivation within ourselves. All these sessions taught them how to face all our failures, how to overcome negativity and trust and believe in what we are and we do. And also, it helps them in moulding our skills, character, Leadership personality and goals.

Other sessions like, Financial Literacy, Methodological Exploration, Making your USP, Financial Modelling, SPSS, Accounting on Private equity, Technical Analysis, Data Analysis educated us lot on how do work on tools related to finance, Financial markets and instruments traded in markets & Analyse the data etc., covered on the points such as “Get Noticed By Your Uniqueness” and to know who are to your audience and what the aspire from you. The program was much related to academics; it gave them lots of positivity and motivation to carry forward.

3rd November 2020

This movie helps the students to understand the importance of Stay focused and never get diverted from the goal. Importance of setting goals to become successful and fight the evils that may push us far from success. Ignore all the negativity in life and be happy with what you get. Happiness is within ourselves, never go in search of it. We should never give up on anything and never lose hope. We might have lots of difficulty on our way but keep trying again and again success one day will come in search of us.

Artha Jyoti 2020 – Technglanz
16th October 2019

The department of M.Com (FA) organized its first club activity Artha Jyoti for the academic year 2020 “TECHGLANZ” on 16th October at 2 pm. The objective of the program was to enhance their knowledge in the field of finance, accounts and current trending topics through Quiz and Debate which helped them in gaining knowledge in trending topics in India recently.

This club activity was held on online platform Google meet. The team were judged on the basis of how well they can convince their points and defend it against the opposite team.

5 Day International Virtual Faculty Development Program on Covid 19 Pandemic: Ramifications & Sustainability Strategies
13th to 17th July, 2020.

The Department of M.Com (FA) organized a 5-day Faculty Development Program on the virtual platform from 13th to 17th July, 2020. This program was conducted with a view to provide the faculty & for PG students who are passionate towards teaching with the necessary information and essential facts on the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on individuals and the Indian economy as a whole.

The sessions inspired participants, educated them in a fun/interesting manner and the kind of impact that the pandemic has on the stock markets, the economy of our country and the global economic scenario. The way forward in this uncertain time is a challenging one but together we can come out victorious against the virus and the economic slowdown.

Guest Lecture on Know your Customers & Anti Money Laundering
24th June 2020

The department of M.Com (FA) organized a session on KYC/AML on 24th June 2020. The speaker for the day Sonal Yadav, Associate Research Analyst in Thomson Reuters. It was very instructive and explained in detail the need of KYC/AML; its process, as well as how these processes help prevent and identify money laundering, terrorism financing and other illegal corruption schemes; how KYC checks are done through reliable source of documents/information.

Guest Lecture on Qualities Required for the Next Generation towards Corporate Leadership
22nd June 2020

The session was addressed by Mr. James Paul on 22nd June 2020. He spoke about insights on the qualities required on the part of the students towards corporate leadership in various firms. The importance, roles and qualities of leadership were explained and how leaders need to focus on key skills to connect with co-workers and their organizations.

The speaker also shed light on the different areas that the next generation leaders should focus on for sustainable growth and success. The session not only highlighted on new and informative ideas and models of leadership qualities, but also on overall view for individuals to be a successful leader in life.

Inter Collegiate Management Fest – OCULUS 2020, Transform your Vision into Reality
5 March 2020

Lumière, the National Level Inter-Collegiate Management Fest was organised by the Departments of M.Com (FA) and MBA on 5 March 2020. The event was designed with the theme “OCULUS 2020, Transform your Vision into Reality”. Oculus 2020 challenged students from across the country on various fields of Management/Finance. The fest witnessed a tremendously encouraging response from colleges across Bangalore. Under LUMIÈRE events like “Maneggiare Moneta”, “Financior” were conducted. It provided a platform for students to showcase their skills and the events were designed in such a way that students utilize their optimum potential to bring out the best.

Faculty Enhancement Programme
15th February 2020

Financial Planning - The Right Way to Do It"
The Department in association with Happyness Factory organized FEP on “Financial Planning the Right Way to do It” on 15th February 2020. It was conducted by Sowmya Krishna, Assistant Vice president, Happyness Factory – Wealth Solutions, who spoke about different avenues of investment based on the risk-taking capacity of an individual. These include Shares, Mutual Funds, Insurances and financial planning tools which helps one can plan the finances in a right manner. The session highlighted on three main aspects in financial planning: Plan, Process and Product. The speaker emphasized on how to plan our journey in order to achieve the goals, without anxiety and live a happy rich life.

LEGAME 2020 -Alumni Meet
8th February 2020

To walk down the corridors of nostalgia, the Department of M.Com (F.A) held its very first Alumni meet on 8th February 2020. The event was graced with the presence of alumni from various batches, and from various parts of the city. The main intension of this event is to bring the alumni’s under one forum for exchange of experience, knowledge and also for further assistance for internship.

Guest Lecture on Financial Reporting
29th January 2020

On 29th January 2020, a guest lecture was conducted by the department on the topic “Financial Reporting”. The session was taken by Mr.Naveed Ahmed Khan who works as a lead analyst in Ocwen Financial Solutions Pvt.Ltd.

The session furnished details about how the financial reporting is done in companies, what are the roles for an analyst and the process of financial reporting & reconciling ie., what way transactions can be fetched, how each transaction is analysed, from the result how to assess company’s financial position and the procedure to follow for presenting the same in the form of a report. Mr. Naveed also emphasized on the significance of checking the errors and rectification of those wrong entries. The sessions is constructive and pragmatic, it not only builds up student’s practical knowledge but also their personality as a whole and prepares them to face and compete in the real world.

Guest Lecture on Accounting on Private Equity

The guest lecture on "Accounting on Private Equity" by Ms. Indira C M was an informative and very useful one. She spoke about the concept of private equity which mainly focuses on private companies such as sole traders and so on and also those companies that are not listed in the stock exchange. In detail she explained about the cycle of accounting in private equity has four stages namely, Commitment period, Investment period, Growth period and the Liquidation period.

Young Scholars Forum – Futuristic India: New Phases of Globalization

This Forum is designed to bring together young scholars to present their work on the transition the country is facing today. The objective of the forum is to highlight the exciting work being done by young scholars to nurture and enhance their potential in this field of study. There were around 39 papers presented on various topics which included General management, HR, Marketing, Finance & Accounting.

Kadu Winery
23rd November 2019

An industrial visit to KADU (Sula Vineyard), Channapatna, Bangalore, organised by the Department of M.Com(FA) on 23rd November 2019. The main motive of this visit is tonurture and to have a brief idea on the working process, layout design, inventory management and marketing mix followed by the company in promoting the products.
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Guest Lecture on Capital Market Awareness
22nd November 2019

The guest lecture on “Capital Market Awareness” hosted by Department of M.Com (Financial Analysis) in Association with Lotus Knowlwealth for the first year students of M.Com (FA), which was held on 22nd November 2019 by Mr. Rahul Dhawan.
The main motto was to bring awareness and share the knowledge of financial aspects and capital markets among studetns. This programme educated the students on various types of investments available, inner meaning of the investments, and also how the investors can maximize his / her returns with minimum risk through diversification.
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Audit Firm Visit to JAA Associates
16th November 2019

On 16th November 2019, 1st year students of M.Com (FA) visited Audit firm JAA associates, Jayanagar, Bangalore for gaining first-hand knowledge on the working process of an audit firm and information on modus operandi of audit process with live practical examples.
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Guest Lecture on Depository Systems
31st October 2019

To create acquaintance among students about the functionality of Central Depository Services Limited, Department of M.Com (FA) organized a guest lecture on Depositary System by Mr. C.S Harish, Regional Head CDSL, Bangalore. Around 120 students benefited from the session. In detail student’s enflamed specifics on the role of four players in the depository system - (i) The Depository (ii) The Participants (iii) The Beneficial Owner and (iv) The issuer. The session also educated students
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II Club Activity on UTHKRISTA – Business Plan Competition
30th October 2019

The orientation programme for the fresher’s of Jyoti Nivas Post Graduate Centre was held on 24th July 2019 in the Jyoti Nivas PG Auditorium. It was inaugurated with the lighting of lamp by the Director, Dr. Sr. Lalitha, teachers and students from the new batch. Students presented the history of the founding sisters of Tarbes, the M.A. Students enacted a parody of Shakespearean play Macbeth. Cultural programs by M.Com department.

Guest Lecture on Offshore Auditing
26th October 2019

As we all know, Auditing plays an important role in the field of Commerce. By keeping this in mind, department organized a 1.30hour session on Offshore Audit by Ms. Anju James, Advanced Associate, Audit Work Culture, Big 4, Bangalore. The session started with importance of auditing and then focussed on On Vs Offshore Auditing. How professionals provide support services in accordance with the latest professional standards.

Guest Lecture on Banking and Insurance
24th September 2019

The session began with the Introduction of Banking by Mr. Udhay Kiran, Branch Manager of HDFC Bank, Koramangala. He emphasised on importance of Banking, the need in today’s world and how it impacts the economy. He concluded the session with the golden ruless of life - first invest, secondly save and then the remaining to spend. Later Mr. Vijay spoke about general facets of Insurance and the types of Insurance available with respect to various squads of investors. He explained the practical scenario of how insurance really works.

Film Review - Leadership Lessons from Mission Mangal
20th September 2019

A movie review session was organized for the students of 2nd and 1st year M.Com (FA). Movies are said to be larger than life but there are some movies that inspire students, one such movie is “Mission Mangal”. The learning outcome for students from the movie are small failures leads to huge successful achievements, love the job you do, everything around you can teach something, failure stands as a foundation for success and many more.

I club Activity “ARTHA JYOTI” on the theme Emerging Trends in the field of Finance, Banking, Accounting & Auditing
28th August 2019

The Department of M.Com (FA) organised its 1st Club activity for the year 2019 “ARTHA JYOTI” on 28th August at 2PM. The theme of the current club activity is “Emerging Trends in the field of Finance, Banking, Accounting and Auditing”. The world economy is undergoing multidimensional changes in terms of growth and governance. An era of Industrial revolution
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Film review - Banking on Bitcoins
24th July 2019

Department of M.Com (FA) organized film review for 1st & 2nd year students on “Banking on Bitcoins” - tackles the true life stories, public misconceptions about Bitcoin and it is the most disruptive invention since the internet, and now an ideological battel is underway between fringe utopists and mainstream capitalism.