Dr. Sr. Lalitha
Jyoti Nivas College

The College deemed it a privilege to inaugurate the Masters Degree exclusively for successful young women students. The mission of the institution is to fine tune the human potential for excellence and service.

Primarily, the purpose of our education has been to prepare young women to meet life's challenges, to find gainful employment, to make way for intellectual pursuits and be sensitive citizens contributing to the growth and development of our society. The system has provided avenues that allow our whole life to be an education and these years of formal education are meant to instil in us that education is a lifelong learning process. The institute has come a long way in a short time and the best lies ahead.

Our programmes are designed to provide students with all the essential skills needed to transform them into peak performers in the lifelong journey toward excellence. Learning here is a constant source of fascination, discovery and delight. There is a fabulous range and richness of talent and ideas. This brings with it the challenge for leadership to harness human energy into effective action in today's dynamic business environment. A whole long session on soft skills, aptitude and personality development is carried out alongside their curriculum. Here we combine business acumen with a team-based management philosophy and a strong social consciousness.

We choose our students carefully and provide a favourable environment to further their dreams. Come and be part of our Post Graduate Studies. Here is the ideal space for Intellectual curiosity.