Volume 1, Issue 1, August 2019

Street Children

In the first edition of newsletter, the PG department chose the topic “STREET CHILDREN” to create awareness about the condition of the children on street and address issues like child labor, human trafficking etc.

The students from various department submitted their views on rising number of street children in India. The articles covered the underlying causes, “push” and “pull” factors such as poverty, migration, urbanization, dismantling of family structure, domestic violence, political unrest, rapid economic growth, child abuse and lack of opportunities in rural areas as the leading causes for children fending for themselves on streets, especially in India.

The students also shed light on Risk Factors for Street Children like Violence and Substance Abuse and how Taking A Comprehensive and Inclusive ‘rights-based’ Approach in field of education, health, nutrition and legal help could address economic, mental and physical problems that they may have encountered at a regional level. Some of the students submitted sketches as the way to show the struggles faced by street children.