The Jyoti Summit 2013 – on the Paradigm shift in strategic HR: vision 2020 – was held on November 16, 2013 in our college auditorium. This is a first time initiative to strengthen the Industry-Academic interaction. The purpose of this summit was to provide an opportunity for great minds of the industry to meet and share their knowledge, so that others can learn from their best practices, experiences and expertise, in the field of human resource management and development. We are happy to place on record the fact that 894 HR professionals from various industries, ranging from Information Technology, Information Technology Enabled services, Knowledge Process Outsourcing, Banking, Finance, Security, Insurance, Manufacturing, Engineering, Research and Development, Hospitality, Construction and Academicians.

The Jyoti Summit 2014 - In 30, 31, October 2014, a two-day International Conference on, “Futuristic Innovations and Challenges to Diversity Management, Emerging Technology and Sustainability for Inclusive Industrial Growth”

The Jyoti Summit 2015, QUANTUM LEAP IN IT – 2020, Leveraging Emerging Information Technology for Sustainable Growth, 10, October, 2015.

The Jyoti Summit 2016 - Multiple Approaches to Gender, 22, Sept 2016.

The Jyoti Summit 2017 – National Conference on India After 70 Years: Emerging trends in Management, IT, Organic Chemistry, Literary and Cultural Studies, 23rd and 24th September, 2017


Faculty Development Programme

1. UGC Sponsored, FDP - Research and Development – Creating Value, 23rd Nov 2013.

2. UGC Sponsored, FDP - Research and Development on Creating Value – through SPSS, 1st March 2014.

3. UGC Sponsored, FDP - “ENERGY” - The Key to Transform Teaching Dynamics 15th November, 2014.

4. UGC Sponsored, FDP - “Impact of Social Media Marketing in the 21st Century” 24th January 2015.

5. November 27th 2015, the centre in collaboration with Eliot Innovations Pvt. Ltd., organized a one day National Level Workshop on National Institutional Ranking Framework NIRF.

6. April 2nd, 2016 FDP on Trends and Transition on Big Data Analytics to articulate the Growing trends and transitions in big data analytics space.

7. February 6th, 2016 an FDP on “Derivatives Demystified”.

8. April, 2017 FDP on “Enhancing Teaching Skills”

9. March 10th, 2018, FDP a Workshop on “Enhancing Teaching Skills through Theatre” (QIP 7)

10. 30th March 2019 - Faculty Development Programme – Data Science using Python Programming (QIP 8)

Seminar on - (Cloud computing, embedded systems and business intelligence, Anatomy of Financial Planning, Reading India: A Cultural Study, The Art and Craft of Translation, Diasporic Writing, Representing the Subaltern, Wellness of Body, Mind and Soul, Orature, Culture and Texts, OCTAVE, MATLAB, Reading Myths, Literatures of Resistance, A peep into the working of trading in stock market and currency Derivatives, Post Budget Analysis every year, IoT (Internet of Things),

Workshops on Expanding Horizons in Management - Corporate Governance, Functions of NGO’s, Women and child Development, Rural Development and Stock Trading , Academic Writing , Micro Analysis on Financial Statement, Innovative Marketing Plan, Photoshop, ADOBE FLEX, OpenStack the Future of Cloud, Embedded System, Responsive Web Designing, Changing Paradigm of Digital Media, Linux programming, Blender and Wikimedia, ANDROID for Beginners, Data Mining using SAS and SPSS, Android Technology, E-filing my Liability to the Government, Game Development, ‘Gnyana’ of Shakuntalam – a Parody of Kalidasa’s Abignyana Shakuntalam, Creative Writing, Laughter Yoga, 50 vital pressure points to health wellbeing

Public lectures on
- Participating in democracy and assuring a responsible government is the right of every youth of today3rd February
- “Emerging Geopolitics in Present Day India” on 19th Sept. 2015.
- Every Penny Invested is a Multiplier on 5th Feb. 2015.

7th September, 2017 - The Department of MBA conducted a Public Lecture, on 7th September, 2017, on “Resourcing Human Resource through Skilling” by Mr. Sameer Shukla of the Indian Administrative Service, Karnataka.

4th September, 2018 - The Department of MBA conducted a Public Lecture on the topic, “A Journey towards Lead free India” by Prof. Dr. T. Venkatesh (Leadman) Principal Advisor Quality Council of India, and it was attended by all the PG students.

6th October, 2018 - The Department of English conducted a Public Lecture on the topic, "Prevention of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Act (POSH)" by resource person Adv. Thomas Vellapally (a partner at Markos &Co)