Certificate Courses

A total of 17 Certificate courses are offered in the academic year 2018 -2019

The Departments offer certificate courses to the students to supplement the core papers as well as to ease the students into the post-graduate programme and help them cope with the rigours of higher study.

The MA English Department on - Writing Skills, Research Methodology, Academic Writing and Communication Skills.

The MBA department on - Acupressure and Healing, something essential in dealing with the stress of working in a highly competitive atmosphere. They also offer Cross Culture or X Culture Project an online course to gain basic knowledge on cross cultural differences at the international level and identify and analyze major international business factors, SPSS training and certification programs, Six Sigma Green Belt and Life Skills and Employability Skills for Managers.

The MCA dept. on Logic in Life to enhance students’ coding ability, develop their inter-personal skills and groom them to face the demands of life. - Logic N Life, Responsive web Designing, Exploring Python, UML Modeling.

The M.Com (FA) department on - Financial Planning to help the students to manage their funds appropriately, focusing on both theoretical and practical aspects and also on Microsoft Excel, Business Ethics.

"Certificates for the courses should be collect before / end of the last semester only".