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7 Habits of highly effective JNCite's

Habit I: Be Proactive - One need to come with energy, an open mind and hard work to tackle the numerous activities that will come our way. A true JNCite is someone who proactively rises to any challenge that is thrown her way by the college.

Habit II: Be Knowledge Driven - Knowledge is power and education empowers a student in many ways. The teaching-learning process in JNC is structured in such a way as to promote research and the spirit of inquiry. bring with you a thirst for knowledge and an eagerness to read, and participate in interactive classroom discussions.

Habit III: Be Open to Growth - Change is integral to progress. The experiences and lessons that the college provides require a mind that is open and receptive to new ideas and knowledge. Throughout the academic year we encounter new areas, and teaching methodology. Students see the faculty as not just teachers but mentors who can teach you valuable lessons about life. What would seem as a ‘hectic schedule’ in the beginning have to be perceived as a pool of chances that will help you improve yourself and your mind.

Habit IV: Cultivate Compassion - In this fast paced world this is one aspect of our selves that generally gets neglected. In our pursuit of goals and dreams we often fail to perceive the need and unhappiness around us. The community service and outreach programs at JNC seek to sensitize us to the marginalized and underprivileged sections of society and develop in us a sense of social responsibility. This is a valuable learning experience of a different kind and no less important that the lessons of our curriculum because it teaches us values that enable us to be better human beings. Thus, our students put in thirty hours of community services during their academic life cycle.

Habit V: Collaborate - No person is an island. And this is the principle that can stand you in good stead during the time here. As you begin your study here, begin it with the mindset to share and collaborate with the others around you; leave your ego behind. The various activities demand from you team work and collaboration with your team mates. You will be often called upon to work together, in harmony, to achieve, the goals set by the college.

Habit VI: Begin with the End in Mind - The various courses offered here are intended to train students to become experts in their chosen field through a blend of traditional and innovative learning methodology. However, to utilize them effectively and correctly you need to know your goals. You need to begin your study with your final goal and dream in mind and utilize the chances offered to you to realize them.

Habit VII: Conservation - We live in a world of appalling waste-wastage of money, resources and time. The college believes in the values of conservation. Time wasted is time lost never to be regained. So, learn to utilize every minute of your time here towards the betterment of your mind and self. We live in a world were selfishness and extravagance have led to depletion of our natural resources. Learn to only use what you need and remember that the world belongs to the next generation as well.