Post Graduate Centre – Activities

Orientation Day

Orientation Day marks the beginning for aspiring achievers, upcoming leaders and tomorrow’s CEO’s, software engineers, scientists, accountants, litterateurs and teachers. The opportunity to create one’s own future starts on this day. On this day we welcome our fresher to the JNC family and it help the fresher get acquainted with the tradition and culture of the institute. The Orientation programs are designed to guide the students in inculcating and instilling habits that can equip them for their future.

Post Graduate Day

Post graduate day is a milestone in every student’s life; A day of great rejoicing for every parent and an achievement for all the students passing out. Post graduate day is not just a celebration of what we have achieved but looking back, realizing and acknowledging all the efforts that we have made to be here today. On this occasion the meritorious students are acknowledged for the hard work they have put in. It is also an occasion to come together to celebrate our membership here.

Conferences /Seminars /Workshops

The spice of life is having variety, and what better way can we add spice to our life than enhancing our knowledge. Seminar, conferences and workshops are important platforms can expose students to topics and discussions beyond that of the curriculum. It often acts as a window to the world of research and higher studies.

Industrial Visits

Visits to Companies are arranged to expose the students to the actual working environment and prepare them to face the competitive world.

Off Campus Visits to other campus help the students to assess their industry readiness and check their aspirations meter.

Inter-Collegiate Fests

Extra Curricular activities form the core of students’ life here providing them with a setting to become involved with and interact with other students, leading to increased learning and enhanced development. The students are endowed with the opportunity to organize fest that helps in accentuate and demonstrate their creative skills and hidden talents.

Alumni Interaction

The objective was to initiate peer group learning, and strengthen the alumni. They are invited as guest lectures, resource persons and guest of honour to motivate students.

Mentorship Programme

The key objectives of this program is to help students have a smooth transition into institute life; to help develop a sense of belonging to our Program, Faculty and Institute; to create a better learning environment so that they may achieve their academic goals in a more effective manner.

Value-added Classes

To instill core moral values in students, the weekly classes conducted by the Post Graduate Centre is based on a theme, which conveys important values of self-esteem, team spirit, unity, honesty, faith in God, etc.

Holistic Education at JNC means going beyond academics and dealing with life issues that is relevant for youth today. Common sessions were arranged for students dealing with mental and physical health.

Out-Reach Programme

With the intention of making the students more socially aware and committed, the Post Graduate Centre organizes special outreach programmes regularly. This helps our students to undergo educational training in its most comprehensive sense and contribute towards the betterment of the society.

Christmas Day

The significance of Christmas, the joy of giving and sharing is remembered on the Christmas Day Celebration. Sharing the Joy of season as a community helps us to get to know each other better and interact on an informal level.

Ethnic Day was a day for the students to come in multicultural attire and appreciate the beauty of diversity. On that day, the students who have shown excellence in different fields are acknowledged and awarded.

Annual Sports Meet

Along with academics, it is our constant endeavor to encourage and motivate our students to participate in the sport activities conducted by the PG centre annually. It helps them to understand the meaning of teamwork.

Out Bound Trips

Learning does not happen only in the classroom. There is new life and lessons in the soil for every man. The outbound trips lay a strong foundation in teaching us to live, work and accomplish tasks together as a team in our classroom activities.

International Trip is organized every year to impart knowledge and also develop a global mindset for the students.