II Semester Mathematics II

Arc Length Rectification Problems solved

Area_ quadrature Integral Calculus

Surface Area of Revolution problems solved

Volume Integral Calculus problems solved

II Semester - 1 Revision for Differential Calculus

Pedal Equation and Perpendicular

Derivatives of Arc Length - Revision

Revision - Radius of Curvature

Study Material - radius of curvature

Revision - Convcavity, Convexity and Points of inflexion

Assignment on Asymptotes

Revision on Singular, Double and Isolated points

Final Revision - Differential and Integral Calculus

M II - 1 Solution

M II - 2 Solution

M II - 3 Solution

M II - 4 Solution

M II - 5 A Solution

M II - 5 Solution

M II - 6 Solution

M II - 7 Solution

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