Department of Physics

POST:   Associate professor


Degree Subject University, place, year
B.Sc Physics Kerala University - 1982
M.Sc Physics Kerala University - 1984
M.Phil Physics Madurai Kamaraj University - 2011
PhD Physics Christ University - 2017


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1. Workshop on Astrophysics 17-18th September 1999 organised by Bangalore University First Grade college Physics Teachers Forum.

2. National level workshop on Internal Quality Audit in Higher Education, JyotiNivas college, Bangalore, December 10, 2005.

3. International conference on Emerging Trends in Higher Education - A global Perspective: Concerns and Challenges in Environmental Sustainability, Entrepreneureship and Cinema, 12-14th August 2008 at JNC, Bangalore.

4. Understanding of Nature workshop on Astronomy conducted by Brain STARS on 24th January 2009.

5. Platinum Jubilee Meeting of the Indian Acadamy of Sciences from 12-14th November 2009 at IISc, Bangalore.

6. One day Symposium on Current Trends in Photonics and its Applications at BNMIT, in collaboration with IEEE photonics society,Bangalore , 20th March 2010.

7. Attended workshop on virtual labs in Physical Sciences on 18th Feb2011 conducted by the Department of Physics, Amritha Virtual Labs

8. State level Seminar on Information Technology at JNC held on 25th February 2011.

9. National conference on contemporary issues in research Christ University on May 2012.

10. International conference on material physics at Vellore institute of technology February 20-23, 2012.

11. International conference on Material science and technology (ICMS 2012) at St. Thomas college, Palai, Kerala 10-14 June 2012

12. National level science conference , 2-3rd February 2012 at JNC, Bangalore.

13. Author work shop conducted by Springer and Edanz on 20th January 2013 at Christ University, Bangalore.

14. Two day National Conference organized by Internal Quality Assurance Cell , JNC, 14-15th February 2013.

15. State level Science Seminar, 12th February 2013 at JNC, Bangalore.

16. Indian Acadamy of sciences and Indian institute of science - symposium on Life and science of C.V. Raman, 5th July 2014.

17. Workshop on Staff training and Enhancement at JNC 10th June 2015.

18. International conference on Physics in association with International multidisciplinary research foundation (IMRF), February 16-18, 2017, at JNC, Bangalore