Student Welfare Committee

Activities for year 2016-17

Students' Welfare Committee Activities Objective

The mission of Student Welfare Committee of Jyoti Nivas College Autonomous is to reach out to the poor and needy, under privileged and marginalized students in the college.

Every year an Orientation programme is arranged for all the first year degree SC/ST/BC/BT/OBC/minority and low income group of students to make them aware about the facilities available for them in the college.

To improve the linguistic proficiencies of the students, classes on communication skills are conducted regularly for these students who find it difficult to converse well in the English Language.

With the objective of making classes interesting and better understandable to students, remedial classes are held in vernacular media. Brighter students are encouraged to take these remedial classes for their counterparts thus enhancing interpersonal and communication skills among the students. This activity helps in improving academic skills of the students. Each mentor is asked to identify the very needy, first generation, and academically weak students from their wards list. Identified students are given necessary benefits.

Computer skills are an integral part of personal skill sets a student needs to acquire before stepping out into her career. Aiming at this mission this year also a short term course in Basic computer science and C programming is conducted. These classes better equip the student for her prospective career as well as in her daily curriculum.

NC Book Bank provides text books, record books and stationery to those deserving and needy students so that they are not at a disadvantage when studying their respective courses. The Book Bank also provides the photocopying needs and internet facility for such students.

Students' welfare committee also conducts Career Guidance session and Campus Placement along with placement cell.

Committee along with the college management has strived to provide financial aid to the economically under privileged students. In tune with this objective, many students are helped with Scholarships, free ships, Loans and waiving of special fees and also are helped with the concession in short term course fees.

The physical and mental health of the students has been taken care of by providing medical facility and counseling in the need of time. Lecturers from the department of Psychology and counseling cell help many students through counseling sessions on a one to one basis.

Students welfare committee members identify the needy students and under the leadership of Principal, provide mid day meals and Christmas gift to them.

Thus JNC provides for a holistic and all round development of the students.