Short Term Course

SAP - Commerce and Management

UGC sponsored course : Supply Chain Management and Customer Relationship Management - Commerce and Management

Foreign Programmes : ACCA, CMA - Commerce and Management

Basic Geriatric Care (Care For The Elderly) In Collaboration With Nigtingales Medical Trust - Zoology

Entrepreneurship Development Programme - Economics

Capital Market - Economics

Basic Microbiological Techniques - Biotechnology

Bioinformatics - Biotechnology

Spoken English - English

German - Physics

Yoga - Electronics

Public Mental Health - Psychology

Nutrition and Diet - Biochemistry

NGO Management - Sociology

Tourism Geography and Airline Ticketing - Travel and Tourism

Basic Mathematics - Mathematics/Statistics

Android - Computer Science

Photography - Centre for Media Studies

Human Resource Management - Commerce and Management

Accounting Foundation Course : CPT, CS, CMA - Commerce and Management

Medical Lab Technician Course In Collaboration With St. John's Medical College and Hospital - Genetics & Biochemistry

Kala Kruthi( Fine Arts) - Economics

Clinical Research - Biotechnology

Zumba Dance Fitness - Biotechnology

Guitar - English

Spanish - English

Basic Computer Science and C Programming - Electronics

Communication Disorders and Sign Language - Psychology

Managing Learning Disabilities - Psychology

Mushroom and Bonsai Cultivation, Terrace and Kitchen Organic Manure Production - Botany

Women's Right - Sociology

Numismatics - History

Spoken Kannada - Kannada

Film Making - Centre for Media Studies

Jyoti Nivas College Autonomous, BANGALORE

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