Department of Psychology

NAME: Roseline Florence Gomes
POST: Lecturer


Degree Subject University, place ,year
B.A Psychology, English, Sociology Bangalore University
MSc Clinical Psychology Bangalore University

- RESEARCH INTERESTS: Cognitive Psychology, Positive Psychology, Special Education

- Presented a case at Montfort case conference on "Paranoid schizophrenia" (a 2 hour presentation with panel discussion and questions round)

- Presented a paper on "The Relationship of Happiness and Emotional Intelligence", at the International Conference, St. Anne's College.

- Presented a paper on "Study Skills in terms of Special Education", "Assessment and Intervention Plans for Autism and Conduct Related Disorders", at Learning Arc.

- Attended workshops on "Motivation enhancement therapy" by Bala Ahanti, Deepa Shankar and Vivek Benegal (2010)

- "Intellectual disability n offending behaviors" by Sabyasachi Bhaumik, Satish Kumar and Avinash Hiremath (2010)

- NIMHANS-RCPSYCH joint Conference "Nimpsycon 2010"

- "Postgraduate training and assessment in Psychiatry"(advances and innovations) by S.K Chaturvedi and Anthony Bafeman (2010)

- "Translating research into practice" by B.N Gangadhar and Y.C Janardhan Reddy

- "Cultural issues in Psychiatric disorders" by S.K Chaturvedi, Dinesh Bhugra and Mathew Varghese (2010)

- "Special service needs of adolescents and young adults in Psychiatry" by Sue Bailey and Shekhar P Seshadri (2009)

- "Empowering adolescents with life skills education" at NIMHANS department of Child Psychiatry by Dr.Srikala Bharath (2009)

- "Child sexual abuse" at IIPR college by Dr. Shekhar Seshadri (2010)

- "Alma mata" by Mr. Shinde on how to bring up young minds with diverse views and improving ones teaching skills to help in children's growth. (2010)

- "Handwriting analysis" by Mr. Shivananda Nayak on grasping ones handwriting and knowing the layers of different aspects of personality. (2011)

- Conference held at Jyoti Nivas College "Sangama" with the theme of "interdisciplinary perspectives on mind body dynamics".

- "Behavioral economics" by Mr. Rajeev Gowda . "Mind body dynamics from genes to behavior" by Dr. Ajit Bhide.

- "The interplay between the physical, physiological and psychological" by Dr. C. Shivaram.

- "The interplay between the physical and psychological" by Prof. Vasanthi Moses.

- "Learning disability" by Dr. Reena Silva. (2011)

- "Mental health in women" by Mrs. Grace Henry.(2011)

- "Family and marital therapy" by Dr. Shalini Anant.

- "Behavior therapy: biofeedback, behavior modification, behavior medicine and analysis.

- "Hypnotherapy" by Dr. Bharath Chandra.

- Conference organized by Christ University (department of psychology) on Feb. 2011 "revisiting the world of work: the interface of psychology and human resource development".

- "Leadership through relationship" by Mrs. Jessie Emilion and Hilary Brown.

- "Community Oriented Psychological Interventions" organized by the CCPI (Conference of Catholic Psychologists India) 16th-18th Sept 2011.

- "Rebuilding People's lives with dignity- A Multi Level Approach To Trauma Counseling (Post Tsunami) by Dr. Prashantham- Director ,CCC, Vellore on 16th Sept 2011.

- "Making Counseling Affordable, Accessible and Scalable- A Multi Level Model of Counseling Services" by Dr. Ali Khwaja- Chairman, Banjara, Bangalore. (2011)

- "A Model of Community Intervention for Adolescent Mental Health organized in Collaboration with Panchayat Raj Institutions" by Dr. Iype Varghese & Dr. Sr. Leesa SVM, BCM College Kottayam.

- "Dances of Peace" by Sr. Amala.

- "Peace Making Strategies& Education For Peace Training"- by Ms. Mini Krishnan - Publishing Consultant & Editor (Translation), Oxford University Press, Chennai & Mr. P.K Hormis Tharakan IPS- Mumbai.

- "Palliative Care Model- A Multidimentional Approach by Dr. Manoj Kumar- Mental Health Action Trust, Calicut.

- "Tele-Counseling Using Volunteers From Community" by Adv. Litto Palathingal- MAITHRI.

- "Social Support Person in The Community" by Dr. Sam Manickam, Professor of Clinical Psychology, JSS University, Mysore.

- "Participatory Appraisal Techniques" by Dr. Shekhar Sheshadri, Professor, Dept. of Psychiatry NIMHANS.

- "Playback Theatre in Community Interventions" by Sr. Clare Marie Therese ICM.

- "Interests, Aptitudes & Passion- Vocational Choice & Career Guidance, by Dr. Sudha Bhogle- Head, Eduquity, Bangalore.

- "Holistic Approaches of Mental Health Existing in Communities & Lifestyle Management in the Current Context" by Dr. Shirdi Prasad Thekkur.

- "Marriage & Family Counseling" by Dr. P.C. Mathew & Mrs. Ciby Mathew.

- "Working with Special Children Using New Techniques" by Mr. Rabindran Issac, Spastics Society, Bangalore.

- "Women Abuse In Broken Relationships" by Ms. Celine Suguna, VIMOCHANA.

- "Internet & Cell Phone Use- Problem or an Asset" by Dr. Manoj Kumar Sharma, Associate Professor, Prof. Prabha Chandra- Dept of Psychiatry & Ms. Manpreet Kaur- Dept of Clinical Psychology NIMHANS.

- "Workshop on Chronic Pain Assessment & Management for Health Professionals" by Prof. Santosh K. Chaturvedi & Dr. Geetha Desai, Dept. of Psychiatry, NIMHANS.

- A seminar on "Positive Mental Health and Well Being" on 23-25th July 2012 by Dr. Diptarup and Ms. Anindita (Positive Psychology Unit, NIMHANS).

- A workshop on "Psychosocial Entrepreneurship" was organized by Mr. Ravindran Issac and Ms. Priya Sandeep and Ms. Celine Suguna on 23rd January 2012.

- A workshop and walkathan was organized on "Happiness, Cheer and Exuberance" on 10th of December 2012 by Mr. Diptarup Choudhury (Positive Psychology Unit, NIMHANS)

- A UGC sponsored national seminar on "Positive Mental Health" conducted by Mount Carmel College on 7-8th of February 2013.

- A two day national conference on "Are Women and Daughters safe today?- Listen, Feel and Respond to Women's Voices." Conducted by the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) on 14-15th of February 2013.

- Attended a national conference on Role of Libraries in the Information Era: Optimizing Knowledge Resources in Learning and Research on 17th-18th February 2014, conducted by the Department of Library and Information Science, Jyoti Nivas College Autonomous, Bangalore.

- Attended a UGC sponsored National Level Conference on Relationship Management- An Essential Investment for Better Living from 5th Dec 2013 to 06th Dec 2013.

- Marital Relationship- A Harmonious Balance by Dr. Vijay Nagaswami (Psychiatrist, Chennai 06th Dec 2013)

- Marital Relationship: Reasons for Turbulance by Dr. Vijay Nagaswami (Psychiatrist, Chennai 06th Dec 2013)

- Conflict Resolution- Calling a Relationship Doctor by Dr. Shyam K. Bhat (Psychiatrist & Founder , Mind Body Clinic Bangalore 06th Dec 2013)

- Peer Relations by Dr. Rameela Shekar ( Dean PG Dept. School of Social Work, Roshni Nilaya, Mangalore 06th Dec 2013)

- Professional Re;ations in The Workplace by Mrs. Aparna Chandrashekar (HR Consultant 06th Dec 2013)

- Non-Violent Communication by Dr. Fr. Kuriakose Pallikunnel (SDB, Director & counselor Don Bosco Youth Counseling Services Kochin 06th Dec 2013)

- Impact of Globalization on Relationships by Dr. Anuradha Sathiaseelan (Associate Professor, Christ University 06th Dec 2013)

- Role of Family by Mrs. Swarnalatha Iyer (Consultant Psychologist & Corporate Trainer 06th Dec 2013)

- A day seminar on Psychiatric Services - "A Comparative Study In Indian And American Prisons" 14/07/2014 by Mr Koshy And Dr Suresh. It reflected on how the behavioral changes of prisoners leads to different kinds of problems.

- Attended a national conference on Role of Libraries in the Information Era: Optimizing Knowledge Resources in Learning and Research on 17th-18th February 2014, conducted by the Department of Library and Information Science, Jyoti Nivas College Autonomous, Bangalore

- Attended the 2nd International Conference on Public Mental Health and Neuro Sciences on 9th to 10th December 2015 organized by Sarvasumana Association

Participated in an article writing competition "I-Am-Inspired" and secured Rank Six in the category with a focus on Inspiring Persons at NIMHANS, Bangalore (2016).

BOS member from 2011-2016 at Jyoti Nivas College.