Rhapsody 2017 22nd to 24th August

Every year, Jyoti Nivas College Autonomous hosts a 3 day run of Cultural activities, inviting every student to take part in competitions and fun. This year, Rhapsody 2017 was held on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th of August, 2017. The theme of this year's Rhapsody was - TIME TRAVEL.

With the theme of Day 1 - Royal Times, where students were required to dress up like the Kings and Queens of Royal Age. The events of Day 1 were Mad Ads, Poetry Slam, Western Dance, Lyric Smash, JAM, Pot Pourri, Collage, Fire less Cooking, Create with 50 and Fashion walk round 1.

The theme of Day 2 - Masquerade party, where students were instructed to dress up in floor length gowns and wear a mask, which was the main element of the Theme. The events conducted on Day 2 were Group Singing, Mono Acting, All that Jazz, Duet Dance, Non Theme Dance, Sketching, Best out of Waste, Tattoo Designing, Creative Writing, Painting and Fashion walk round 2. 

The theme of Day 3 - Indo Western Fusion, where the students were instructed to wear clothes, fusing trends from Indian and Western styles, ranging from kurta with shoes, to jhumkas with T-shirts. The events held on day 3 were Solo Singing, Personality, Switch Heels, Mime, Solo Dance, Photography, Nail art, Movie Making, Rangoli and Fashion walk round 3.

All the events saw a humongous amount of participation as students came from all streams to participate in events which they were interested in. The students also showed high levels of enthusiasm in dressing according to the Themes of the Event. All in all, with some events seeing around 200 participants, Rhapsody 2017 was a success and a fun filled venture.