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Jyoti Summit 2018 on 27th and 28th September 2018

The Digital World: Emerging Trends in Management, Chemistry, IT, Literary and Cultural Studies

About The Conference - Digital World


Digital world is a stylistic expression to highlight the importance and need of digital systems and technology in the current society that we live. Digital World enables the use of digital tools to communicate on the internet, digital devices, smart devices and other technologies. This new digital world is the result of a confluence of many innovations and technology advances. These technological advances hold great potential for the welfare of human society. The objective of this conference is to bring together researchers and practitioners from academia and industry to theorise, design, and develop innovative technical approaches and Emerging Trends in Management, Chemistry, IT, Literary and Cultural Studies.

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The College deemed it as a privilege to inaugurate the Masters Degree exclusively for the successful young women students. The mission is to fine tune the human potential for excellence and service.We help students utilize their two/three years study productively to become the person one wants to be. Our focus is on helping our students become employable as well as learn to cope with life situations and to discover and develop their potential. We want them to enjoy learning and together we hope to journey through the world of knowledge discovering and re-discovering.

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Jyoti Summit 2017



Jyoti Summit 2017 was organized by Jyoti Nivas College on 22nd and 23rd September 2017.The theme of Jyoti Summit was "India after 70 Years : Emerging Trends in Management, IT, Organic Chemistry, Literary and Cultural studies.
Since the theme was such that it must be seen from political perspective, Chief guest of the day Dr. Jeevan Kumar, Professor of Political Science (Retd.), Bangalore University, Bangalore gave a deep analysis on the idea of development from the perspective of present government and from the perspective of founding fore fathers of the country.
Dr. Jeevan Kumar spotted light on India's development history, what we have done since 1947, from optimistic and pessimistic perspectives. He pointed out that India has the paradox between the materialistic development and human development. He also recalled several visions of development such as Nehru's Social democratic vision, Dr. Ambedkar's Liberal democratic vision, Gandhian vision (seen as non-progressive vision) and finally K.D Shah's Hindustan vision.
Later Dr.Padma V. Mckertich, Associate professor, Stella Maris College Chennai looked at India's development from the perspective of literature. She talked about how over the period of time regional language writers have developed the feeling of being ignored by audience and awards. She said that the same bias towards regional languages is seen on Television where regional languages have almost lost their fame. Regional writers look at the situation as a result of huge popularity of International Language English. Dr. Padma said that instead of looking at the English language as threat, it is time that we use the literary power of the language to translate texts written in on regional language to the popular ones.
The audience also got to know Industrial development idea from Mr. Israel Inbaraj General Manager, H-R at TCS Ltd. Mr. Inbaraj said that Adaptability is necessary to develop in world. He said that he sees a great shift in thinking process of people where a company which does not have ownership of even a single car or any kind of vehicle, becomes one of the best taxi service choice in public. He suggested that to achieve true success in life one must focus on their own strengths.
At last Research papers by students of Jyoti Nivas College and other guest colleges were presented. The summit closed as a successful event.

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