Faculty Profile

Name : Mrs. Swarnamugi M
Designation : Assistant Professor
Educational Background : MSc, M.Tech, Ph.D

Teaching experience: 09 years
Research Experience: 2 year

Area of Specialisation/research interest: Artificial Intelligence, IoT

Research papers published:

“Cloud and Fog Computing Models for Internet of Things”, Presented in the International Conference on Mathematical Impacts in Science and Technology (MIST-17), November 2017 and Published in the International Journal for Research In Applied Science and Engineering Technology ISSN: 2321-9653

“IoT Hybrid Computing Model for Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)”, Presented in the IEEE International Conference on Computing Methodologies and Communications, Organized by Surya Engineering College, Erode, February 2017.

• M. Swarnamugi, “Outsourced Security Guard Service based on IoT”, International Journal of Innovative Research in Computer and Communication Engineering, ISSN(Online) : 2320 – 9801, ISSN (Print) : 2320 – 9798, Pp: 126 – 131, Vol. 5, Special Issue 2, April 2017.

• M. Swarnamugi, “IoT Technologies and Machine Learning Algorithms – A Study”, International Journal Of Engineering Sciences & Research Technology, ISSN: 2277-9655, pp:614-621, October 2016 (Impact Factor: 4.116, Index Copernicus Value: 3.0)

• Swarnamugi M, “Context - Aware Web Service Selection – A Negotiation Model”, International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Software Engineering, IJARCSSE, ISSN 2277 128X, pp: 881 – 888, Vol 4, Issue 3, March 2014.

• Swarnamugi M, “Taxonomy of Web Service Selection”, International Journal of Computer Applications, IJCA, ISSN 0975 8887, pp: 18 – 22, Dec 2013.

• Sathya M, Swarnamugi M, Dhavachelvan P, Sureshkumar G, “Evaluation of QoS based Web- Service Selection Techniques for Service Composition”, International Journal on Software Engineering, IJSE, CSC Journals, ISSN 2180-1320, pp: 73 – 90, Vol: 1, No: 5, Malaysia, Jan/Feb 2011.

• Swarnamugi M, Sathya M, “ Specification Criteria for Web Service Selection Approaches”, International Journal on Computer Engineering & Information Technology, IJCEIT, SERC, ISSN 0974-2034, pp: 29 – 38, Vol: 23, No: 01, May 2010.

• "Context-Aware Smart Reliable Service Model for Intelligent Transportation System based on Ontology", M. Swarnamugi, R. Chinnaiyan, Accepted for Second International Conference on Recent Innovations in Computing, March 2019.

• "Heart Monitoring System Using IOT", Janisha K, Soundarya, Swarnamugi, in the International Multidisplinary NavaJyoti Journal February 2019 issue.

• "IoT Hybrid Computing Model for Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)" , M. Swarnamugi ; R. Chinnaiyan , published in IEEE Xplore: 11 October 2018.

No. of Research papers presented: 04

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