Conferences & Seminars 2016 -17
16 th & 17 th FEBRUARY

International Conferences Of Physical Sciences, February 2017

The departments of Physical Sciences of Jyoti Nivas college Autonomous in collaboration with International Multidisciplinary Research Foundation (IMRF) organized two International Conferences ICMCS 2017 & ICEPC 2017, on 16 & 17 of February 2017. The Chief guest for the inaugural event was Dr. Xavier Chelladurai, Vice President, CapGemini. The Conference was declared open by Dr. Sr. Elizabeth C S, Principal, Jyoti Nivas College, Autonomous. After the release of proceedings and journals of both Conferences, Dr. Xavier Chelladurai enlightened participants on Artificial Iintelligence, IOT (Internet of things) and Cyber Security. He

elaborated on the technological advancement over the years which has empowered data services of the world. Dr. Lellis Thivagar, Co-chairman of the Conference and other dignitaries offered felicitations for the Conference.

The Conference then split into two streams which had eminent speakers from across the country and globe delivering plenary talk. Many of the speakers from reputed National Institutes of Technology added to the knowledge pool during the Conferences which opened up wide range of research opportunities for development and progress. As many as 45 research papers were presented in ICMCS 2017 and 20 research papers were presented in ICEPC 2017. The two day conference was attended by over 700 participants both National and International.