Independence Day - 2017

On 14th August 2017 was a cause for double celebration in Jyoti Nivas College Autonomous. The college not only celebrated India's 71st Independence but also its 175th Foundation Day of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Tarbes.

With Nehru's 'Tryst with Destiny' speech, the Chief guest Major Raghavendra C. of the Indian Army and the Guest of honor Mr. Srinivas P. CEO, Ostilio pvt ltd. were welcomed onto stage for the lighting of the lamp and prayer.
The spirit of the event was established with various performances by the students depicting the diverse multiple cultures of India. Bharatnatyam, Bihu dance from Assam, Manipuri folk dance, folk dances from Kerala, West Bengal, Karnataka and Gujarat were performed with great gusto- a perfect example of India's unity in diversity. The highlight of the event was a skit arranged by the theatre team- Bahurupi. The actors in their short stipulated time demanded freedom from stereotypes, gender roles and communalism on the occasion of this Independence and justified that "Azaadi is their birthright".
Major Raghavendra C. in his address to the students emphasized the role of "true sacrifice" for independence while Mr. Srinivas in his address paid homage to the Armed Forces of India and let the students draw encouragement from their steely determination and fervor.

On this occasion, the college also took the opportunity to release its 11th volume of the college's Research Journal and the college magazine Dhwani.

The event was concluded with the Principal wishing a Happy Independence and leading an oath-taking for working for a new, cleaner and corruption free India by 2022.