Freshie Queen 2017-2018

The freshie queen competition is always an enthusiastic and much awaited event in Jyoti Nivas College Autonomous. It was conducted on Friday, 21st July in Jyoti auditorium. The theme was blockbuster reels and it was organized by the Union. The judges for the event were RJ Zeesha and RJ Diamond and it was sponsored by 93.5 .This enthusiastic event started with a graceful dance by the Indian dance team adhvaiya. The competition was divided into four rounds, the first round being "Once upon a time". In this round the participants had to portray their character which they were given earlier. The students came up with brilliant performances and acting skills, entertaining the audience. Some of the characters portrayed was bahubali, jhilmil,jacks parrow, mastani and many more interesting characters. After the first round got over there was a melodious performance by the Indian music team tarang. Out of nineteen students in the first round twelve of them qualified for the second round. The second round was talent round nacho gao doomed machao. In this round the participants had to showcase their talent. There was singing, dancing and fashion walk which amused the audience. After which there was a dance performance by the western dance team, followed by the third round, fast and furious where the participants were asked questions on general knowledge and bollywood just to check their confidence level. This was followed by the fourth and the last round called the judges round with five finalists. In this round the participants were asked questions and the way they answered the question determined their scores. The freshie queen was awarded to Ataliah from I B. VOC (VC&PA) and the freshie princess to Mariam from I CEOEP.