Department of English

NAME: Ms. Naureen Aziz
POST: Lecturer
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Degree Subject University, place ,year
B.A. English, Economics, History Bishop Cotton Women's Christian College, 1991
M.A English Jyoti Nivas College Bangalore,1993
Certificate Course Journalism and Creative Writing Ecumenical Christian Centre, Bangalore, 1997

1. Member Textbook Committee for General English- Bangalore University-brought out the 1st and 2nd semester Textbook introducing Communicative English at the General English level, 2006-2007

2. Creative and Re- creative children: the need of the hour-DCL (Deepika Children League) whiz kidznews letter published by Dharmaram College, Vol 1-Issue 3, Dec 2009

3. Wrote the foreword for a poetry collection - 'Ten'written by Naheed Azmathulla- 2013

4. Wrote for a web portal-talking

PAPER PRESENTED/ Resource Person
1. National Institute of Advanced studies-The Comic Absurd in Hrabal, 2005-2006

2. Resource person at KLE College for 1st degree students -Introduction of Communicative English in their syllabus, 2006-2007

3. Resource Person at CMR College for 2nd and final year students- Writing for Radio

4. Made a presentation to the Ministry of Information and Broadcast for Jyoti Nivas College to get a community radio frequency. 2007-2008

5. Was a panellist at Christ University for their Post Graduate Colloquium on World Literature, 2008-2009

6. Resource person for FEAE workshop conducted at Jyoti Nivas College- Media and its role in Nation Building, 2009-2010.'

7. 'Celebrated Rehashed, Spoofed-Clichés in Bollywood and an National level Seminar "Reading Indias: Narratives imaginary Indian reality" at the 2 day Discourses, Imaginings", Christ University, Feb 21 and 22, 2012

8. Literature-and ethics in political, social and personal conflicts. paper presented in Dharmaram College-2 march 2013

9. Moderator for Mediacon at ST. Josephs College- Nov 2014 for session 4- changing news structure and its impact on news credibility.

10. Chief Guest and Keynote Speaker to inaugurate Literary Association at Christ University, August, 2015

11. Moderator for Mediacon at St Josephs College - Nov 24, 2016 for session 2 - News as Satire and Satire as News . For The National Conference on Media and Political Transformation.

1. International Seminar on Journalism and New media -COMMITS, 2006-2007

2. Seminar on Cinema and Advertising-COMMITS, 2007-2008

3. Workshop on "Learning Curve" by Deakin University", International Conference, JNC;-Co-ordinated the third day on Cinema, 2008-2009

4. Symbiosis Institute of Communication &Media;-seminar on Advertising and Marketing, 2008-2009

5. International seminar on Media as a Reflection of society-Christ College, 2008-2009

6. Seminar on gender in literature and cinema at Christ University,2009-2010

7. Organized an inter collegiate seminar Akhyana-on Film, AD films and Radio, 2009-2010

8. 2day National level Seminar "Reading Indias: Narratives Discourses, Imaginings", Christ University, Feb 21 and 22, 2012

9. One day national seminar on "The Art and Craft of Translation' held in Post- Graduate Centre, Jyoti Nivas College, in February 2016.

10. One day UGC sponsored national conference on 'Conflict Studies' held in Jyoti Nivas College Autonomous, in September 2016.

11. One day national conference on 'Multiple Approaches to Gender' organized by the Post-Graduate Centre, Jyoti Nivas College, in September 2016.

12. National Seminar - A Big Little World : Perspectives on Children's Literature in India - Christ University- 21 feb , 2017

1. External Member BOS Mount Carmel College -Dept of Communicative English- 2005-2008.

2. External Member BOS Christ University - Dept of English and Media studies- 2006-2008

3. External Expert for syllabus enhancement - Mount Carmel College-Dept of Journalism- 2015