Conferences & Seminars 2016 -17

The Department of Communication and Media, Jyoti Nivas College Autonomous, organised Mediatron, a national media symposium on February 2 and 3, 2017 with the theme, Visual Domain: Seen and Unseen. The theme represented the realm of the visual arts and discussed the seen and unseen facets of the medium through discussions, workshops, competitions and much more.

The inauguration of Mediatron-2017 was held in front of the Jyoti Auditorium through an innovative open air session. It was a sensational event with Team Agnii- Art for All Drummer Band, performing a drum circle along with the students. The dance of the Tall Man, a giant puppet, added to the fanfare.  Dr. Sr. Elizabeth C S, Principal, Jyoti Nivas College Autonomous declared Mediatron open. The Book of Abstracts of selected research papers was released during the inauguration. 

Panel Discussion: The inauguration was followed by an informal discussion with panellists Pradeep, Photographer at Pedestrian Pictures and Suresh Kumar, Graphic Illustrator and Artist.Dr. Arul Mani, Assistant Professor at St. Joseph's College, Bengaluru was the Moderator of the event. Elaborating on photography as a visual art, "The moment I pick up a camera, I don't shoot reality. I shoot a perception of reality", remarked Pradeep. "Perceptions could be constructed with visuals", added Suresh Kumar. "It might be wrong to view the seen and the unseen realms as neat opposites. They're in a flux, a state of musical chairs with each other."  remarked Moderator, Dr. Arul Mani, Assistant Professor at St. Joseph's College, Bengaluru.


Art Workshop by BadalNanjundaswamy:

Another huge crowd puller at Mediatron 2017 was the art workshop by renowned street painter, BadalNanjundaswamy, who along with a group of enthusiastic students unleashed their creativity on an open-air stage at Jyoti Nivas College Autonomous.

Cartooning Workshop by Dinesh Francis:
At the cartooning workshop,cartoonist Dinesh Francis took the students by animated surprise.He taught them the trick to sketching faces and expressions and gave them a brief overview on cartooning for comic strips.

Adobe Photoshop Workshop by Vivian Ambrose:
A workshop on Adobe Photoshop was conducted for avid photo enthusiastsbyVivian Ambrose. It was a learning experience where students got to work on the software and get hands-on training by an industry professional. andZumba Dancing were also some other highlights at Mediatron.

Zumba Dancing Workshop by Jyoti Viknesh aka Jo Danzbiker:
The Zumbadancing workshop was a big hit both with the students of JNC and with participants from other colleges. Students had a great time grooving to the music and getting a great workout in one go. "It was an experience to cherish. The energy was amazing," says Celeste, a II CEOEP student of JNC about the Zumba dancing workshop.

Competitive Events:
Competitive events were divided into online and offline events. Offline or on-stage evemts included Battle of the RJs, Pitch and Perform, Solo Mime, Doors and Picture Puzzle which kept the creative juices of the audience flowing.
The online events included Jingle All the Way, Rotate and Represent, Storyline, Microfiction and Muscially, which saw the enthusiastic participation of students from all parts of the country.

Jyoti Filmato:
Jyoti Filmato, a student short film screening event showcased films from all parts of the country.
This year, there were short films from all parts of the country including Sastra University and IIT "There are different concepts in every movie; each movie shows a new perspective, a fresh idea." says Dhivya, a Communication student of  Jyoti Nivas College about the short film screening.

Articulated - an art exhibition was the cynosure of the eyes of the audience and focused on the length and breadth of the visual domain with interesting art exhibits.

Paper Presentations:
Research paper presentations, both by students and professionals, ran along elaborate lines of the visual domain.  This year, there were 42 enthusiastic participants who presented over 30papers discussing various nuances of visual media across print, Television, films and social media. It was an informative session.

Over all, Mediatron 2017 was a grand success.