Conferences & Seminars 2016 -17

Manasi, the Psychology Association of Jyoti Nivas College in collaboration with Spandana Health Care organized a one day UGC Sponsored National Conference on YOUTH AND DYSPHORIA: COPING WITH THE CHALLENGES OF DEPRESSION IN EVERYDAY LIVING on the 7th January 2017, as part of its social commitment to create awareness, educate and enhance well being among students, professionals and the community at large. This one day conference was intended for all members of the academia and college students, as well as people from different professional backgrounds who consider benefiting from the information disseminated by professional resource speakers. The department collaborated with Spandana Health Care and Rehabilitation Centre, Bangalore one of India's leading providers of health care services.

The objectives of this conference are to:
Clear myths and misconception related to depression.
Understand the nature of clinical depression. 
Enable youth to introspect and examine their predominant moods.
Make people receptive to the signs of depression.
Get an insight to the practical approaches to heal a depressed person
Reduce the incidence and attempts made by depressed people to commit suicide.

Four sessions were conducted:
The Nature of Depression- Getting High on Feeling Low by Dr. Mahesh Gowda (Managing Director- Spandana Health Care, Bangalore) that stressed on the clinical descriptions of depression, the severity of symptoms and case studies.

SESSION II: Depression in Youth: Listening Beyond the Heard by Dr. Rameela Shekar (Dean, School of Social Work, Roshini Nilaya, Mangalore that reflected on the varied affect, cognition and behaviour patterns among youth. The problems and coping mechanisms of the same were highlighted.

The panel discussion was chaired by Dr. Sudha Bhogle (Head, Student Solution Division, Educafe, Bangalore. Dr. Shyam Bhat (Psychiatrist and Integrative Medicine Specialist, The Mind-Body Clinic, Bangalore) spoke about the connectivity between 'Work, Lifestyle and Depression'. Ms. Juliana Lazarus (Head of the Department of Journalism, Mount Carmel College, Bangalore) stressed on 'The Role of Media in Addressing Issues Related to Depression among Youth'. Lastly Ms. Srijita Gupta (Senior Clinical Psychologist, The Mind Research Foundation, Bangalore) revealed the importance of 'Counselling as a Psychological Intervention to Manage Depression among the Youth'. Twelve paper presentations were conducted on the same theme. Some of the topics highlighted were, Forgiveness Therapy for Dealing with Post Breakup Distress among Young Adults, Mentoring Program for Youth at Risk, Impact of Socio Economic Demands on The Incidence of Suicide, Social Support, Self perception and Depression among Adolescents, Religious Involvement as a Psychosocial Support System in The Management of Depression in Youth, etc.