Conferences & Seminars 2016 -17

Bioessence-Integrated Healthcare, a National Conference organised by the Department of Life Sciences was held over the course of two days from January 11-12th.It was an effort to bring various schools of thought under one roof and promote healthy discussion among participants from various fields. The conference kicked off to a great start on January 11th with an inaugural ceremony that included the lighting of the lamp, prayer, a short video presentation following a brief overview of the goal of the conference. Our principal Dr. Sr. Elizabeth C S gave the welcome address emphasizing the need for a holistic approach to healthcare. A dance was showcased by the students that perfectly encapsulated the theme of the conference. Dr. H. Sudarshan Ballal, Chairman of Manipal Hospitals was the Chief Guest for the conference. Recent innovations in medicine and the need for smart hospitals to ensure adequate care for the patients were the prime focus during his inaugural message.

Dr. David Ravindhran was the first speaker of the day giving insight into the Nutritional and Health benefits of Spirulina, how Spirulina due to its high protein content and rich source of iron & β -Carotene

Dr. N. B. Shridhar explained the role of phytochemicals in treatment of cattle ailments. He emphasized how such a source of numerous medicines are cost-effective and are potentially of great use in treatment of cattle ailments through examples of plants like Crotonoblongifolius, Thujaorientalis, Coleusamboinicus and Rubiacordifolia.

Dr. Dipesh Mandal, Founder President, Stroke Foundation of Bengal through his session cleared the myths of stroke and its proper prevention strategies for a healthy, productive life.

Dr. Noorunissa Begum S. through her informative session provided an overview of plants used in Indian medicine and their traditional medicinal uses. She stressed the importance of conserving plants to maintain the medical biodiversity of India and the need to promote research in the field of medicinal botany.

Dr. Captain Y. N. B. Anantheswar delivered an interesting session on Plastic Surgery took the participants through the history of Plastic Surgery. He also spoke about the advances in plastic surgery including robotics, 3D transplantation etc. that have made Plastic Surgery one of the most advanced fields of medicine. Prasad Gotkhindikar, the last speaker of the day discussed the role of applied science in development of novel Drug Delivery System. He also explained how a novel drug delivery system called OROS Tablet was a more efficient at drug delivery than conventional pharmaceutical products.

Dr. Shivakumar P.T., created awareness regarding the challenges and opportunities for Alzheimer's disease. He stressed on the fact that the lifestyle, urbanisation and increasing social isolation have increased the risk of developing Dementia, of which Alzheimer's is a form.

Dr. Preetha Tilak through her creative approach stressed the importance of knowledge on advancement in genetics and genetic counselling in recent years.

The most interesting event of the conference was a panel discussion on Integrated Healthcare Systems moderated by Dr. Urvakhsh M Mehta. The panel included experts included Dr. Z.M.L. Hassan, Dr. Sailaja S. V, Dr. H. Ramakrishnaiah, Dr. Susan Verghis, Dr. Kavyashree and Ms. D'Mello Atasha. This was highly interactive session which saw active participation from the audience.

Dr. Shabnam, Vikram Hospitals, one of the main sponsors of the conference impressed upon the participants, the importance of organ-donation urged and convinced many participants to register as organ donors.

The last event of the conference was the oral presentations by delegates. There were as many as 18 presentations from UG and PG students and also research scholars who presented various topics from their field of research.

The conference was a resounding success and fulfilled its goal of encouraging a discussion and practice of integrated healthcare in our country and in the world as whole.