1st JULY, 2016


The Alumni association of Jyoti Nivas College (Autonomous) arranged an interactive session on 'Alternate Careers' for the students of B.A. and B.Sc. 

The event was graced by JNC Alumni Ms. Preethi Pereira and Ms. Ayushi Garg who gave their takes on their decision to pursue an alternate career. An alternate career would be any job which is entered (or made, as the cases of both the speakers who are successful entrepreneurs) not with economic gain but with passion in mind, as we soon found out. 

'Built to pursue our passion' was the central motif of Ms. Preethi's impassioned speech.   An awarded dancer and choreographer amongst various well reputed stars of Bollywood and Kannada cinema and mentored by famous choreographer Raju Khan, she took her first steps towards her unforeseen career as a member of the Indian dance team in JNC. For the next few minutes she gave us an insight into the not-so glamorous life of a young hopeful, she retold the woebegone years she had spent at the bottom- giving us an example of a hardworking passionate woman determined to get the best for herself.  Mentorship and economic independence is what she deemed important. Her struggle to find a mentor and her achievement in establishing her own company in 2007 turned out to be very inspirational to the people in attendance. Despite her high rise career, she remains ever humble with her active part in charity. Ms. Percira rounded up her talk noting strongly the importance of a passion driven pursuit of careers.

2010 graduate Ms. Ayushi Garg, the Marketing Head of her own event-management company 'Kisses By Candlelight', gave us an entrepreneur's standpoint on alternate careers. 

Her key points were discipline and the dignity of labor. Like Ms. Preethi, she elaborated the importance of pursuing a career with the future in mind- a career that would still hold good, years down the line. She clearly marked the importance of being passionate about what you do or face the danger of losing motivation and driev halfway. She recounted her journey of co-finding her company and concluded by giving the very much engaged audience a daring proposal as to 'change the playing field'-to innovate and create their own road to success and challenge existing giants in the field.

We as students realized the extent to which we are built for our passions. Ms. Preethi and Ms.Ayushi, you have turned us toward our 'inklings', just the way you turned towards ours. We all hope to come someday, successful in our own fields, to address a batch in our own Jyoti Nivas.

A session on Alternate Careers was organized by the Alumni Association of Jyoti Nivas College for the students of Commerce. The talk was conducted during the Value education hour and inspired the students indeed.

Alumni Dr.Annapoorns Ravichandra spoke first as she shared her experiences during her education in Jyoti Nivas College and her choice of career. She graduated from JNC in the year 1979 as a HECOS student. Dr.Annapoorna spoke about how she was good at communication and hence implemented it as her career choice. She also encouraged the thought of team work and 'working on it, till you succeed' formula. Her words truly inspired the students and boosted their will to work towards their goals in life.

The second alumni speaker was Ms.Hannah Elizabeth Matthews, who passed out of Jyoti Nivas College in the year 2014. She completed her graduation in Commerce. During her talk, she spoke of the advantages of trial and error method and how, by applying it in one's career, one would be able to find his/her ground and what they like and are good at. She worked in a band called Clown with a Frown and is the leading vocalist for the same. She was a part of the Under 25 Summit 2015 and also sang a few lines of an English song which got the audience grooving. The most striking part of the talk was when she spoke about passion and said that passion should be incorporated as Plan A for a career choice. The Plan B should be prepared first and thereby would be a cushion surface to fall on if Plan A failed.

The talk concluded with a few questions raised by students and one of the students giving the Vote of Thanks to the two Alumni speakers for gracing the occasion.

Ms Ayushi Garg and Ms Preethi-Alumni Speakers

Dr Annapoorna Ravichandra's presentation

The enthusiastic JNC crowd

9th JULY, 2016


- The Alumni association of Jyoti Nivas College Autonomous held its annual meet on the 9th of July, 2016 Royal Heights under the motif "Reunite, Reconnect, Rejoice.

- The event began with a tribute to the Late Prof. D. Nagabhushana by Prof Amala Shanthi from the Dept. of Commerce and an annual report by Ms. Veronica. A. of English Dept.

- To break the ice,  Alumni Tamara and Anju (class of 2015) led the crowd to a few minutes of entertaining games. 

- The participants eagerly shared their cherished college memories with a few laughs and tentatively took part in the amusing impromptu playtime; some even winning bars of chocolates.

- On a serious note, the Alumni sat down in groups to discuss and propose ways of making the present association into a more deedful and vibrant one. 

- The discussion concluded with suggestions and feedback from the attendees, which included the following:

- reaching out via social media( facebook page and Alumni website

- announcement and information via newspapers and radios 

- should hold events, generate funds for scholarships to help distressed students. 

- Alumni meets should be held on public holidays and should include family as well. 

- form a committee for voluntary work for the college 

- form a What'sapp group and interact through social media 

- have events for Alumni and present students as well( sports events etc) 

- a proper official name for the Alumni Association 

- regular updates and regulation of messages in existing facebook pages and sites.

- to hold Alumni talks for the students

- cultural events

- hold an 'icebreaking session' amongst the alumni 

- paper presentation on the areas of expertise by both present and the alumni

- form a more active, operative, physical presence within the college and it's events