National Service Scheme

The NSS is a centrally sponsored scheme which was started by the ministry of education in September 1969 in 37 selected universities and Bangalore university was one among them, it was introduced in 25 colleges covering 5000 students, today the programme is extended to about 118 colleges covering a total strength of 11000 students.

Now, besides the Government of India .Government of Karnataka also co-sponsors the programme through the Secretary of Youth Services, Information and Tourism Government of Karnataka.

Every year best NSS volunteers are selected and deputed to participate in various camps and events such as State and National Republic Day parades, National Integration camp, State and National level NSS Festivals etc.

As an incentive to volunteers and NSS units various prizes/awards are distributed.

- Best NSS unit/Best NSS programme officer in the university.
- Best NSS Volunteers.
- Every P.G Department in the university has reserved one seat for admissions for NSS volunteers.

AIM OF NSS : "Development of the personality of students through community service"

Objectives :

The overall objective of National Service scheme, as envisaged originally was service to the community, offered while undergoing instruction, in an educational institution. It was sought to arouse the social consciousness of students and provide them with the opportunity to work with the people around the educational campuses creatively and constructively and to put the education they receive to concrete social use.


15th of January of every year is observed as the NSS DAY by all colleges.

The Motto

The motto or watch word of National Service Scheme is 'NOT ME BUT YOU'. This expresses the essence of democratic living and upholds the needs of selfless service and appreciation of the need for selfless service and to arouse the social consciousness of students appreciation of the other man's point of view and also to show consideration for fellow human beings.

Symbol The symbol of the National Service Scheme is based on the 'Rath' wheel of the Konark Sun temple of Orissa. These giant wheels of the sun temple portray the cycle of creation, preservation and release and signify the movement in life across time and space. The wheel signifies the progressive cycle of life. It stands for continuity as well as change and implies on the part of NSS for continuous striving forward for social transformation and up liftment.

NSS Badge
The NSS Symbol is embossed on NSS Badge .The NSS volunteers wear it while undertaking various programmes of community service. The Konark wheel in the symbol has eight bars which represent24 hours of the day .Hence the badge reminds the wearer to be in readiness for service of the nation round the clock i.e.24 hours. The red colour in the badge indicates that the NSS volunteers are full of blood i.e. lively, active and spirited. The navy blue colour indicates the cosmos of which the NSS is a tiny part ready to contribute its share for the welfare of the mankind.

NSS Student Volunteer

Any student enrolled as NSS Volunteer should put in at least 120 hours of social work in a year for a continuous period of two years i.e.240 hours in two years, on different programmes other than special camping. He should participate fully in NSS Programmes and should be fully conversant with the objectives of NSS. Out of the 120 hours of service which each student volunteer is expected to put in a year, at least 20 hours should be utilised in the first year for pre-placement orientation programme in the following manner:

1. General orientation - 2 hours
2. Special orientation - 8 hours
3. Programme skill learning - 10 hours

Coordinator: Ms. Jahanavi N
Dept of Sociology
Contact no:080-255 301 37

Asst. Coordinator: Ms. Roseline Gomes
Dept of Psychology
Contact no:080-255 301 37
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