National Integration Camp Srinagar- A truly special one

It was quite a pleasure and a blessing to be a part of Special National Integration Camp, (SNIC) Srinagar which was held from 25th May 2016 to 5th June 2016. Representing Karnataka and Goa directorate was another experience altogether. I was fortunate to get to know different Kannada cuisines over our five day journey to Srinagar. This camp was a whole new experience for me as it involved being in a new place, representing a culture that I was not well versed with (as I'm a Keralite residing in Bangalore for my education.) I somehow found a stark resemblance betweenJammu and Kerala in the rain washed roads. On our way to Kashmir, we stopped at an NCC camp site in Udhampur and the officers there were very kind to arrange cultural programs and a delicious lunch for us. We were immensely grateful for their hospitality.

Speaking of Kashmir, it truly is a 'paradise on earth' with its trees, mountains, hills, clouds which are capable of causing a spark in the poet or artist in anyone. Kashmir weather was mostly as cold as it was beautiful. We were mostly wrapped up in multiple layers of clothing and huddled together to keep ourselves warm. It was quite a delight to be exposed to Kashmiri delicacies and their varied culture. The first day of the camp began with abriefing, followed by the group-song competitions. There was a mingling of various Indian languages to convey patriotism that day, in the auditorium. Then, the group dance competitions were held which showcased a diverse Indian culture, ranging from Kashmir to the states of south India and from Gujarat to the North east regions. The next day saw the 17 directorates presenting their culture in innovative ways through National Integration Awareness Presentation (NIAP). In later days, we had the group discussions and debates, putting forward the different sides to matters like development in India and the importance of its youth.

We were also taken sight-seeing to places like Dal Lake, Gulmarg, ChashmeShahi which show us how Kashmir is truly a 'paradise on earth'. We were also taken to different museums that aren't accessible to civilians and were introduced to old weapons, currency, current radar systems which we, being a part of NCC were fortunate to lay our eyes on. We were also taken to places that commemorate the sacrifice and hardships that our soldiers faced for the nation, which was a day where everyone experienced having goose bumps. Back in camp, we also had sports activities like tug of war and volleyball matches for both boys and girls, which added to everything else the camp gave to our memories of it. We were allowed to shop for memoirs that would keep Kashmir forever in our hearts.

I was also fortunate to be one of the Master of Ceremonies (MC's) for the final day cultural events for which Chief Minister, Mehbooba Mufti Syed was the chief guest of the day. This National Integration Camp was a truly special one, not just for me, but for all the cadets who were a part of it. The final day saw J&K cadets bidding farewell to cadets from the south and tears in the eyes of cadets from the West as they bid farewell to those from the East of India. This camp truly was a mini- India in itself and has led to integration among more than 500 cadets.

International Yoga Day 2016

Yoga has been practiced from ages, it is going on right from the ancient times, if we see the older generation who had taken up yoga, practiced it regularly and included it in their daily routine stayed healthy and fit. But from past years it was noticed that the practice of yoga had been suppressed. This generation has involved themselves only in work, carry on their stress all day long and have less concern for their health.

Introduction of International Yoga day had boosted the crowd to take up yoga once again .Taking up yoga is one of the best way to escape from stress. The NCC cadets of JyotiNivas College has successfully completed International Yoga Day after a week practice i.e. from 7:00 am-8:00 am (14th June to 19th June)with full of enthusiasm and dedication and the NCC cadets of JyotiNivas college are fortunate enough to get the opportunity to experience other things apart from drill, as one among them in yoga.

It has definitely induced in us a positive feelings, it refreshes us, it has made more flexible. Early morning yoga kicks us to carry on a relaxed and calm mind all day. It helped us to concentrate better.It was surely a great benefit to all. We will make sure to include yoga in our lives. We are glad that International Yoga Day has spread the awesomeness among all.

Enrolment 2016-17

Everything has a beginning and this year NCC enrolment comprised of students who were highly energetic and who came for the selections to be a part of this prestigious organisation. The selection wasn't a easy one as it was done by NCC officers who were highly experienced and skilled. The selection was not just based upon their physical fitness but also it was seen how interested they were to join NCC.

Orientation Programme on 16th July 2016

Each year brought excellent opportunity for the NCC cadets. Every year new energetic cadets looking forward to complete three years NCC with perseverance dedication and hard work are enrolled was briefed about different camps and NCC journey

Basic Leadership Camp
The Basic Leadership Camp was a 10 day camp held in Maharaja's college, Mysore from 23-06-2016 to 3-07-2016 under 14 Kar Bn. It was a camp focussed towards building up of a cadet's leadership qualities and soft skills.

The camp site provided cadets with a hygienic atmosphere and was well equiped for all basic needs. Rooms were allotted, spacious for 5 cadets to fit in one. Initially, while some rooms occupied a mere 3 cadets and some had 7, a few cadets got to shuffle up and get accustomed to other people through the 10 day camp. It proved to be a platform for people from different backgrounds and diversities to mingle together and come to know each other.

Different mentalities, different opinions,different thoughts clashed under one roof,teaching us the lesson of understanding; the lesson of respect.

The Commanding Officer of Mysore, Lt.Col. M.P. Arvind and the Group Commander of Mysore, Col. Rakesh Nair took time to come talk to us, teach us lessons out of their own experiences.

Along with teaching inter and intra personal skills,the camp proved to be a forum where the cadet came to know about the Services Selection Board (SSB).The cadets were taught with activities how each round of selection takes place. The potential of each and every cadet was kept a note of. Constant ecouragement followed the partcipation of all.


12th Aug 2016 was a memorable day. The NCC cadets presented a patriotic song which was dedicated to all our soldiers. It was an honour for us that our commanding officer Lt.Col.Rohitashkumar joined us for the celebration. Being an army officer he didn't just speak about Independence but also spoke on women empowerment.

It was a day of pride as we got the opportunity to give guard of honour to our respected commanding officer. His words of encouragement boosted us to do more and indeed his every action was truly an inspiration for us.

Combined Annual Training Camp Doddaballapur 2016

"Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them makes life meaningful". After months of hard work, dedication and true passion towards NCC, 44 cadets finally made it through CATC. Our CATC experience started from 6th sept 2016-16th sept 2016. Apart from drill we cadets got the opportunity to showcase our cultural talent and stood first in everything which tagged us with the title of overall championship. We say this with no doubt the experience that we got is a lifetime experience as it taught us how to adjust, how to manage time, how to present ourselves. Above all it taught us togetherness. We stood there strong united representing JyotiNivas College NCC and inducing confidence and courage among each other. These ten days of experience boosted up our confidence level which helped us to stand out as the best among the rest.

It is a pride to be a part of this organisation as it doesn't just expose us to on ground activities like drill but also gives us the chance to showcase our hidden sports skills. We say this with great joy that we also stood first in throwball competition.

Report of International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking observed by NCC cadets of JNC
In accordance to observing International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, 30 NCC cadets, along with ANO, Lt. H. K. Roopa Rani, represented JyotiNivas College (JNC), and rallied on the streets of Koramangala, 5th block.

The cadets held up banners and placards to make the public aware of why this rally was conducted. Some of the quotes on them, read as follows, "Be smart, don't start. Say NO to tobacco", "Hear our plea, set them free.

Stop Human Trafficking", "Child is meant to learn, not to earn" while the cadets themselves shouted them out. The rally began from the gates of JyotiNivas College, covered an area of 2-3 kilometres and ended back in JNC.

The cadets were in spirit of great fervour, enthusiasmand most of all, their slogans that spoke of justice and humanity that the enslaved and addicted deserve, reverberated not only in the streets of Koramangala but appealed to the hearts of the men, women and children that bore witness to the rally.

Onlookers commented on the smart turn out of the cadets and ANO and recognised us as students of JyotiNivas College. The cadets were provided refreshments when they returned to college. The refreshment included cup cake, chocolate, juice & biscuits.